Best iPhone 15 cases to buy

Best iPhone 15 cases to buy

The Ultimate Guide to the Best iPhone 15 Cases

The iPhone 15 lineup has finally been unveiled, and along with it comes a plethora of stylish and sturdy cases to protect your new device. Apple introduced the iPhone 15 series at its annual event, featuring the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These models come with exciting upgrades, such as a switch from Lightning port to USB-C and the introduction of the Dynamic Island display. The Pro and Pro Max models also boast a titanium build for a tougher yet lighter feel, as well as an Action button for easy access to apps and shortcuts.

With the iPhone 15 available for pre-order this week and sales starting on September 22, it’s the perfect time to find a case to safeguard your new investment. Unless you’re willing to test the laws of gravity and your own clumsiness, a case is essential. We’ve rounded up the best iPhone 15 cases that caught our attention, including our favorite, the Casetify Ultra Bounce case, which offers 32 feet of drop protection and customizable designs and colors.

The Best iPhone 15 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

Casetify Ultra Bounce Case – Best Overall iPhone 15 Case

Casetify Ultra Bounce Case

Pros: – 32 feet of drop protection – Six-layered rugged protection system – Customizable – 10X Military Grade Standard

Cons: – Expensive – Only available for purchase on Casetify’s website

More Details: – Available for all iPhone 15 models – Drop protection of up to 32 feet – Hundreds of designs to choose from

When it comes to protection, the Casetify Ultra Bounce case is unbeatable. It can survive a drop of up to 32 feet and endure 260 drops from every angle. This case features a six-layered rugged protection system with ultra bounce corners, shock-absorbing layers, and additional structural support. It also includes a raised camera ring, a built-in lens cover, and three layers of Ecoshock material for added security. MagSafe compatibility allows for easy wireless charging, and the case is fully customizable, allowing you to choose various designs, colors, and even add personalization.

Speck Presidio2 Pro Case with MagSafe ClickLock – Best Case for MagSafe

Speck Presidio2 Pro Case

Pros: – Great price for the level of drop protection – Drop protection up to 13 feet – Ample color customization – Built for MagSafe

Cons: – Neutral case colors

More Details: – Available for all iPhone 15 models – 13 feet of drop protection – Eight color options

Hook your iPhone up to any MagSafe accessory with ease using the Speck Presidio2 Pro Case. This case offers 13 feet of drop protection and features ClickLock Interlock technology designed specifically for MagSafe attachments. With bezels to protect your screen and camera, drop protection sealed with armor cloud technology, and antimicrobial product protection, this case ensures your new phone stays safe and secure. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your style.

Burga Tough MagSafe Case – Best iPhone 15 Case for Looks

Burga Tough MagSafe Case

Pros: – Stylish design – Double-layer protective case – Over 200 designs available – MagSafe compatible

Cons: – No guaranteed drop protection

More Details: – Available for all iPhone 15 models – Over 200 design options

Burga offers a collection of stylish and supportive cases for the iPhone 15. The Tough MagSafe case boasts double-layer protection with a hard shell exterior and a shock-absorbing silicone interior. Raised bezels provide extra protection for the screen and camera, and the MagSafe attachment allows you to connect your favorite portable chargers or wallets. With over 200 designs to choose from, these cases can be easily customized, and Burga even offers a 12-month warranty for an added layer of security.

Dbrand Ghost Case – Best iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Case

Dbrand Ghost Case

Pros: – Doesn’t yellow over time – Strong magnets – 10 feet of drop protection

Cons: – Only available for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max – Only comes in one color

More Details: – Available for iPhone 15 Pro models – Up to 10 feet of drop protection – Comes in one color

Transparent cases are great for showcasing the color of your iPhone 15 Pro, but they often yellow over time. Dbrand’s Ghost case, however, promises to never yellow. It is lightweight, provides up to 10 feet of drop protection, and features corner bumpers for additional impact absorption. With 18 built-in magnets, it is compatible with MagSafe attachments, making it a clean and clear option for your iPhone. The case is also available in one color, maintaining the natural beauty of your device.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case – Best Case for Multifunctional Use

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case

Pros: – Kickstand for easy resting – Compatible with MagSafe accessories

Cons: – Only available in two colors – Doesn’t specify exact drop protection footage

More Details: – Available for all iPhone 15 models – Drop protection through Air Cushion technology – Comes in crystal clear and graphite

Not just another clear phone case, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case offers a convenient kickstand that sets it apart. Prop your phone up while working or following a recipe with ease. The case provides military-grade drop protection through Air Cushion technology and is infused with blue resin to prevent yellowing over time. It is also compatible with a range of MagSafe accessories. While only available in two colors, this case combines functionality with protection.

Which iPhone 15 Case Is Right for You?

The choice of the perfect iPhone 15 case depends on your preferences and needs. Consider factors such as the level of drop protection, customization options, special features like MagSafe compatibility, and price. To help you decide, here’s a summary of the cases:

iPhone Case Price Drop Protection (if any) Available for all models?
Casetify Ultra Bounce Case $92 32 feet Yes
Speck Presidio2 Pro Case $50 13 feet Yes
Burga Tough MagSafe Case $55 NA Yes
Dbrand Ghost Case $50 10 feet Only for Pro models
Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case $60 Some (unspecified) Yes

How Did We Choose These iPhone 15 Cases?

When selecting our top picks, we considered several essential factors:

  • Protection level: We focused on each case’s drop protection capabilities. Our top choice offers an impressive 32 feet of drop protection, while others provide cushioning ranging from 10 to 13 feet.
  • Customization: Finding a case that suits your style is crucial. Therefore, we included options that offer a variety of designs and colors for personalization.
  • Special features: Some cases come with MagSafe attachments and kickstands for added convenience and functionality.
  • Cost: While some cases may seem pricey, investing in a high-quality case can save you money in the long run by preventing costly screen or camera repairs.

What Are the Best Brands for iPhone 15 Cases?

All the brands featured in our list are trusted manufacturers known for producing excellent protective cases. These include Casetify, Speck, Spigen, and more.

What Are the Best iPhone 15 Accessories?

Since the new iPhone 15 models feature a USB-C port, popular accessories include USB-C charging ports for faster and more efficient charging. Additionally, any MagSafe accessory, such as portable battery packs or wallets, can enhance your iPhone’s functionality and keep all your essentials in one place.

Do I Need a Phone Case?

Absolutely! While you may have been lucky in the past with your previous devices, a brand-new iPhone 15 deserves the protection of a reliable phone case. Don’t test your luck when it comes to an investment you’ve made in an $800+ device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the sizes of the new iPhone 15 models? The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro come in a 6.1-inch size, while the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max boast a larger 6.7-inch display.
  • What are the differences between each iPhone 15 model? The iPhone 15 is the standard model, offering Apple’s Dynamic Island and vibrant color options starting at $799. The iPhone 15 Plus has a larger screen with the same colorways and costs $899. The iPhone 15 Pro offers all the Pro Max’s benefits, such as the A15 Pro bionic chip and the Action button, for $999. The iPhone 15 Pro Max provides the ultimate iPhone camera experience, featuring a periscope lens for enhanced zoom, a titanium build, and optimal multimedia viewing for $1,199.
  • Are there alternative iPhone 15 cases worth considering? While we consider the cases mentioned above to be exceptional choices, there are countless alternatives available. If you’re looking for additional features like MagSafe attachments or wallet cases, explore the broader market for more options.

Whether you prioritize maximum protection, style, or multifunctionality, there is undoubtedly an iPhone 15 case that suits your needs. Choose wisely, and ensure that your new device stays secure and looks fantastic for years to come.