TikTok’s ‘Jessie’ helps you sleep

TikTok's 'Jessie' helps you sleep

The Soothing Voice of TikTok Finds a New Home on Calm

Once Upon A TikTok Tale

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, chances are you’ve heard the distinctive voice of Kat Callaghan, known as “Jessie,” the text-to-speech audio on the app. However, what you might not know is that behind Jessie is the talented voice artist and radio host, Kat Callaghan, or as she’s known on social media, @voiceofkat. After gaining popularity and recognition for her work on TikTok, Callaghan is now bringing her voice talents to the popular meditation and sleep app, Calm.

Last year, Callaghan announced that she effectively became the voice of TikTok, and now she’s expanding her horizons by lending her voice to a Calm sleep story titled “Once Upon A TikTok Tale”. Calm users are familiar with the app’s use of popular voices to create soothing bedtime stories, including the likes of Harry Styles in previous years. Callaghan herself is a big fan of Calm and has even mentioned the app on her Canadian radio show. Surprisingly, many fans of her distinctive TikTok voice have found it to be soothing and relaxing, perfect for falling asleep.

“Once Upon A TikTok Tale” promises to transport listeners to dreamy locations inspired by popular TikTok genres, creating a tranquil atmosphere with the help of lo-fi beats, ASMR, and a trippy sequence. Starting with the familiar Jessie voice, Callaghan reveals that listeners will hear Jessie in a slightly different way, as her energetic delivery on TikTok is slowed down for a more calming effect on Calm. As the story progresses, the transition from Jessie to Callaghan’s usual voice will be seamless, ensuring a tranquil and soothing experience for listeners.

In an interview, Callaghan expressed her excitement about the project, referring to it as the first opportunity where she’s able to combine her true personality with her TikTok alter ego. The collaboration between Callaghan and Calm aims to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for users who are seeking relaxation and tranquility before drifting off to sleep.

For those curious about what to expect from “Once Upon A TikTok Tale,” a sample of the sleep story is available for listeners to preview. So if you’re a fan of TikTok or simply enjoy a calming voice to help you unwind, it’s time to add “Once Upon A TikTok Tale” to your list of bedtime rituals. Get ready to embark on a dreamy journey inspired by the captivating world of TikTok, as the soothing voice of Kat Callaghan lulls you into a peaceful slumber. Sweet dreams!

Listen to a sample of “Once Upon A TikTok Tale” here