Meta’s Horizon Worlds is coming to mobile and web.

Meta's Horizon Worlds is coming to mobile and web.

The Meta Quest Mobile App and Web Bring Horizon Worlds to Everyone

Good news for all the curious minds out there who have been itching to explore Meta’s Horizon Worlds but were reluctant to buy an Oculus Quest headset – the platform is expanding its reach to mobile and web! Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently announced that Horizon Worlds will soon be accessible through the Meta Quest mobile app and any web browser.

“The metaverse should be available to everyone – no matter what device they’re on,” Meta stated in a news release. “Bringing Worlds to more surfaces is a step toward delivering on that vision and opening up the experience to more people.”

Previously, only a select few had the opportunity to access the Super Rumble world through the Android Meta Quest app. However, Meta is planning to release an iOS app in the next few weeks, granting even more users access to this immersive platform. In addition, the web version of Horizon Worlds is currently in early access, and eager users can sign up for the waitlist to get a taste of the experience.

Meta emphasized that early access to the platform will be rolled out progressively, allowing for the collection of valuable feedback and the evolution of the user experience. Furthermore, Meta revealed that more captivating worlds will be added to the platform over the next few months, further enhancing the dimensions of exploration and immersion for users.

While awaiting the arrival of Horizon Worlds on mobile and web, it’s worth mentioning that Meta has made significant efforts to adapt the platform for a younger audience. This move reflects their commitment to creating a metaverse that is accessible to people of all ages and interests. On the other hand, some senators have raised concerns and questioned whether Meta should make the metaverse available to teenagers. It seems that Meta’s mission to cater to a diverse range of users is attracting both praise and scrutiny.

For those eagerly anticipating the next leap in virtual reality, Meta has some exciting news. The company is expected to launch its next-generation virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest 3, later this year. With new possibilities on the horizon and Meta’s commitment to expanding access, the metaverse continues to capture the imagination of technology enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

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In conclusion, Meta’s decision to bring Horizon Worlds to mobile and web devices is a significant step towards making the metaverse more accessible to a wider range of users. By expanding its presence beyond Oculus headsets, Meta is breaking down barriers and inviting people from all walks of life to experience the limitless possibilities of the metaverse. As more worlds get added to the platform and the release of the Meta Quest 3 looms closer, anticipation and excitement for the future of virtual reality continue to build.