Introducing ‘The Time is Now Toolkit for Change’.

Introducing 'The Time is Now Toolkit for Change'.

The Time is Now: Empowering Change through a Humorous and Engaging Game

Climate change anxiety is real, and it can often leave us feeling powerless and apathetic. It’s easy to believe that our individual efforts don’t matter in the face of billion-dollar industries pumping oil out of the ground. However, a new game called The Time is Now: Toolkit for Change aims to challenge this notion and encourage people to think about how their relationship with technology can have a positive impact on the environment.

Taking a low-tech tabletop approach, this game provides a platform for gathering colleagues, friends, or family members and generating ideas and solutions to tackle one of the greatest generational challenges of our time. Created by a team that also made The Startup Game, The Time is Now is a thought-provoking game based on six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The game consists of cards that present questions or problems involving an environmental component. One player reads out the card, and the others pitch their solutions to the problem described. A winner is then chosen, and the card is placed on an “action canvas” along vectors of achievability. These vectors include personal actions (such as cycling to work), actions that can begin tomorrow (like choosing a sustainable caterer for company events), actions that require more planning and time (such as investing in carbon removal startups), and actions that can be achieved with help from others (like installing solar panels on a building’s roof).

But what happens if you can’t come up with a groundbreaking technological solution? The game’s creators advise players to be funny, blunt, green, or smart. In a test run of the game by TNW (The Next Web), participants found themselves embracing all of these qualities to varying degrees. This shows that the game not only encourages innovative thinking but also fosters a lighthearted and diverse approach to problem-solving.

The actions we take in our daily lives contribute to the kind of world we want to live in. We may not all have the technical expertise to develop clean fusion fuel, but we can all make informed decisions and conscious choices in our relationship with the planet. Small steps, such as deleting unnecessary digital clutter after learning about its carbon footprint, can make a difference.

It’s essential to recognize that every action we take is a vote cast for the world we want. Instead of pointing fingers and saying, “Why should I when they don’t?” we should focus on the decisions we can control. However, it’s important to acknowledge that incorporating new habits can be challenging, especially when associated with guilt and shame. The Time is Now: Toolkit for Change approaches this by empowering individuals with a sense of agency and positive reinforcement, such as winning a pitch. This approach increases the likelihood of developing and maintaining sustainable habits.

We must engage in inconvenient conversations about our habits and choices, as it is crucial for the sake of future generations. The Time is Now: Toolkit for Change provides an effective approach to fostering these conversations and promoting positive action. Created by Gerard Drost, Niels Sipkema, Johannes van der Erenbeemt, and Bjorn Uyens, the game is published by BISPublishers and is available for anyone who wants to make a difference.

In a world where climate change can feel overwhelming and disempowering, The Time is Now: Toolkit for Change reminds us that we have the ability to shape our future through our actions. So, gather your friends, family, and colleagues and embark on a journey of environmental consciousness and positive change. Together, we can make a difference, one tabletop game at a time.