Zude’s drag-n-drop Web authoring/remixing makes it the Switzerland of the social Web.

Zude's drag-n-drop Web authoring/remixing makes it the Switzerland of the social Web.

Zude.com: The Revolutionary Web Revolution


The internet has always been a place of endless possibilities, constantly evolving and challenging our ideas of what is possible. And now, Fifth Generation System’s Zude.com has stepped onto the stage, ready to revolutionize our web experience in ways we never thought possible.

Putting Zude.com into perspective

Describing Zude.com is no easy task. It is a revolutionary service that is both powerful enough to satisfy the needs of hackers, corporate developers, knowledge workers, and business analysts, while also being user-friendly enough for everyone, including Grandma. It defies categorization, standing out as a trailblazer in the online landscape.

To get a better understanding of how Zude.com works, we had the privilege of interviewing Jim McNiel, the President, and CEO of Fifth Generation Systems, as well as Steve Repetti, the company’s CTO. The interviews, along with a description of Zude’s architecture and a demonstration of its capabilities, can be found in the accompanying video. So be sure to check it out!

For all those internet users seeking a more personalized web experience, Zude.com is the answer. It offers a level of personalization that platforms like MyYahoo!, MySpace, and Google’s personalized home page haven’t been able to achieve. Furthermore, it fills the void left by large, complex business-oriented corporate portal tools, providing a flexible and recombinant web publishing platform.

Media companies, from AOL to CNN to the New York Times, are in search of a solution that allows their audience to easily customize and personalize their web experience. Zude.com provides just that, enabling users to integrate their own personal elements alongside default designs, creating a truly unique and tailored experience.

Let’s take the New York Times as an example. If they were to adopt Zude.com as their platform, they could maintain the familiar look and feel of their website while allowing audience members to personalize it to their liking. Picture a business section with a live stock market widget from yourminis.com seamlessly embedded. Alternatively, imagine a sports page featuring YouTube videos and Flickr streams of your favorite sports teams and personalities. Zude.com makes these personalizations and integrations effortless.

Zude.com as a platform for media companies

Media companies are constantly searching for ways to captivate and engage their audience, driving loyalty and growth for their business. Hosting a platform like Zude.com, where audiences can create their own Zudescapes (personalized portals), could be the key to achieving these goals. Zude.com’s ability to track content usage and contextually offer advertising based on that information, similar to AdSense, adds another layer of value for media companies.

Zude.com’s seamless integration between desktop and web makes it the secret sauce that tech giants like Microsoft have been aiming to develop. By enabling easy drag-and-drop functionality between desktop and web, Zude.com brings together the best of both worlds and sets itself apart in the realm of web services and advertising.

From Grandma to corporate portals

Zude.com’s target market, initially, focuses on web-based platforms like MySpace, Facebook, and blogging sites. This segment represents the easiest, largest, and fastest-growing audience that showcases how Zude.com bridges the gap between web developers and everyday users. Zude.com aims to transform every internet user, including Grandma, into a software developer and web publisher with its patent-pending cross-domain drag-and-drop capability.

But Zude.com doesn’t stop there. It also offers an appealing solution for businesses and corporations seeking a more flexible and customizable portal platform. Employees can not only personalize the look and feel of their individual portals but also define interactions between various objects within them. For example, stockbrokers could enhance their portal by integrating proprietary intelligence with external web searches, creating a more comprehensive picture for informed decision-making.

Zude.com – The flexible platform of personal expression

Zude.com captures the vision of a flexible platform of personal expression (PPE) better than any other platform on the web. It allows users to incorporate functionality and content from anywhere on the web without the need for complex code or XML. In contrast, other platforms have fallen behind the curve, failing to keep up with evolving APIs and functionalities that allow for easy invocation through simple text commands or drag-and-drop actions.

While platforms like MySpace limit third-party functionality, Zude.com actively encourages it. Users can seamlessly pull their entire MySpace page into their Zudescapes, integrating functionalities from external sources such as Photobucket. Zude.com empowers users with the freedom and flexibility to create and design their web experience from scratch. The platform offers an unlimited number of pages, allowing users to freely move objects and redefine their behavior on the fly, surpassing the limitations of other platforms.

Whether users opt for the ad-supported version or choose the ad-free experience for $25 per year, Zude.com presents a compelling alternative to mainstream web platforms.

The future of Zude.com

Although Zude.com is an exciting and promising platform, it is still in its beta phase. During testing, Zude.com has primarily supported Internet Explorer, but founder Jim McNiel assures us that other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, will be fully supported upon its official launch.

As with any beta product, there have been occasional performance issues and glitches. However, McNiel and his team are confident that these issues will be resolved before Zude.com emerges from beta later this year.

The allure of Zude.com for major players

Zude.com has the potential to become a game-changer in the online world, attracting major media and internet companies looking for the next big thing. With its revolutionary capabilities, Zude.com presents an opportunity for these companies to redefine their offerings and captivate audiences in a way they haven’t been able to in years.

So, get ready for a web revolution like no other. Zude.com is here to transform our online experiences and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Don’t miss out on this amazing platform that will empower and delight users of all backgrounds.

For an in-depth look at Zude.com, be sure to watch our exclusive video interview with Jim McNiel, President and CEO of Fifth Generation Systems.

Watch the video here