Zoom’s AI Companion helps you catch up when you’re late to meetings.

Zoom's AI Companion helps you catch up when you're late to meetings.

Zoom Expands AI Companion to Enhance Video Meeting Experience

Zoom AI Companion

Zoom, the popular video call platform, is taking its generative artificial intelligence tool to the next level. Zoom AI Companion, as it is now called, is set to significantly expand its capabilities. The best part? It will be available to users at no additional cost if they are already paying for the video-meeting service. This exciting announcement was made by Zoom on Tuesday.

The AI Companion tool will soon be integrated into various aspects of Zoom, including Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Email, Whiteboard, and additional upcoming features. While some enhancements will be available immediately, others will be rolled out over the next few months, ensuring a more advanced and seamless user experience.

One of Zoom’s standout features, video chatting for work meetings, will now be further enhanced with Zoom AI Companion. This tool allows users to quickly catch up on missed discussions by posing questions through a side panel. After the meeting, users can access Zoom recordings with highlights and smart chapters, as well as auto-generated meeting summaries (if enabled by the host).

Set to launch this spring, the AI tool from Zoom will offer “real-time feedback” on user performance during meetings, providing valuable insights into conversational and presentation skills. This feature aims to help individuals improve their communication abilities and make a lasting impression during virtual interactions.

Zoom is not stopping there. The company plans to introduce generative AI summarization for Team Chat in the coming weeks. This feature will allow users to catch up on lengthy chat threads quickly. Furthermore, by early 2024, Zoom users will be able to enjoy the convenience of auto-completing sentences and scheduling meetings directly from a chat. Additional features for meeting preparations, debriefing, and more are also in the pipeline.

To address concerns about privacy, Zoom assured users that AI Companion is disabled by default. Account administrators will have complete control over enabling these features. The company also made it clear that customer audio, video, and other materials are not used to train its AI. Zoom relies on its extensive language models, including Meta’s Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic, to power its AI capabilities. These models, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing, form the backbone of generative AI chatbots.

It is worth noting that ENBLE, the platform used to assist in creating some stories, employs an AI engine. You can find more information in their post.

With the expansion and enhancement of Zoom AI Companion, users can look forward to an even more engaging and efficient video meeting experience. The integration of AI in the various features of Zoom will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we collaborate and communicate in a virtual world. Say goodbye to mundane meetings and hello to a more dynamic and interactive future with Zoom AI Companion.

Disclaimer: This article was composed with the assistance of an AI engine.