YouTube’s new feature identifies songs by hum sound.

YouTube's new feature identifies songs by hum sound.

YouTube Tests New Features to Enhance Music and Video Experience


Over the last month, YouTube has released several new updates and features to revamp its platform. Now, it is testing two new features to help improve your music listening and video viewing experience on the platform.

The Joy of Discovering Songs with YouTube

Imagine this: you’re at a party, and a catchy tune starts playing, but you have no idea of the song’s title or artist. YouTube understands the frustration that comes with being unable to identify a song, and they are working on a solution. They have introduced a new song search capability, akin to the popular app Shazam, to help users find the songs they love.

With this exciting new feature, YouTube is making it possible for users to hum or record a song being played for at least three seconds. This audio snippet is then sent to YouTube’s algorithm, which analyzes it and matches it to the correct song. Once the song is identified, YouTube will redirect users to relevant videos, including official music content and user-generated videos or Shorts featuring the song. This not only benefits music enthusiasts but also provides additional exposure for content creators who feature the identified songs.

Currently being tested on Android devices, this innovative song search capability showcases YouTube’s commitment to enhancing user experience and helping people discover new music effortlessly.

A Channel Shelf to Streamline Content Viewing

Another feature being tested by YouTube is the introduction of a channel shelf in the Subscriptions feed. This feature is designed to give viewers easier access to the content they are interested in while simultaneously benefiting creators.

Traditionally, creators feel pressured to post multiple times a day to maintain engagement with their audience. However, with the channel shelf, multiple uploads from a creator are consolidated into a single shelf-like section. This consolidation ensures that viewers can find all the latest content from a creator in one place, simplifying navigation and reducing the need to scroll endlessly.

The channel shelf is expected to make it easier for users to engage with the content they enjoy, as well as provide a more manageable posting schedule for creators. By bundling multiple uploads, creators can focus on delivering high-quality content rather than feeling obligated to post frequently.

YouTube’s Commitment to Enhancing User Experience

These new feature updates come on the heels of YouTube’s recent revamp, which included a range of exciting additions. They introduced Collab, a feature that enables creators to collaborate on videos seamlessly. Additionally, vertical live feeds and Q&A stickers for Shorts on mobile were rolled out, providing creators with more engaging options. YouTube has also made it easier for users to link content on their platform, ensuring a frictionless user experience.

With each update, YouTube demonstrates its unwavering commitment to improving the platform and empowering content creators. By constantly innovating and testing new features, YouTube ensures that users have the best possible experience while enjoying their favorite videos and music.

Discovering new songs and navigating through the abundance of content on YouTube has never been easier. Whether it’s utilizing the song search feature or exploring the channel shelf, YouTube continues to provide innovative solutions that enhance the overall user experience.

So, the next time you’re humming a song or searching for your favorite creator’s latest uploads, take comfort in knowing that YouTube has your back.

Feel free to enjoy the entertainment extravaganza that YouTube offers, all while being one step closer to finding your next favorite song or video.