Yahoo Mail adds AI for email writing and search

Yahoo Mail adds AI for email writing and search

Yahoo Mail Introduces AI Bot to Enhance Email Writing and Management Experience

Yahoo Mail, one of the popular email service providers, has taken its game a notch higher with the introduction of its own AI bot. This AI bot is designed to assist users with writing, responding to, and managing emails. In a recent news release, Yahoo outlined the key areas in which the new AI aims to assist users who may struggle with handling their new or existing emails. The AI is currently in beta mode and is available only for Yahoo Mail iOS and desktop users in the US.

To gain access to the beta version of this AI, users can visit the Sign up page, enter their Yahoo username in the field for “Request to join the beta,” and click Next. In most cases, users receive access within a day of submitting the request. Once granted access, users can begin exploring the AI bot’s various features, which can be summarized into four main categories: Writing Assistant, Message Summary, Search, and Shopper Saver.

The Writing Assistant feature is undoubtedly one of the most helpful additions to Yahoo Mail. This feature offers an AI-powered writing assistant that can compose new emails based on a user’s description or suggest suitable replies based on the user’s writing tone and style. To utilize this feature, users simply need to open the New Message window and describe the purpose of the email. For example, if a user wants to ask their manager for a raise, they can describe the email by writing “I want to ask my manager for a raise based on all the projects I’ve completed ahead of schedule this past year.” In response, the AI bot generates a potential draft, which the user can edit, add specific references to, or further revise before sending.

The Message Summary feature is another valuable addition. This feature provides users with summaries of emails, including dates, times, action items, and other relevant information. Depending on the content of the message, this feature can also suggest follow-up actions, such as tasks and calendar events. This helps users quickly identify important details within an email without having to read through the entire message.

Thanks to the integration of AI, the search tool in Yahoo Mail has also become smarter and more user-friendly. It now accepts natural language queries, enabling users to ask questions or submit requests instead of relying on specific keywords. For example, users can simply type “Show me all messages from Lance Whitney” to retrieve all corresponding emails from that sender. Moreover, users can dive deeper by asking specific questions like “Where does Lance want to meet me on Sunday?” The search tool will intelligently retrieve the relevant message containing the required information. Advanced search options allow users to narrow down their searches based on factors such as sender, subject, and date.

To help users make the most of their email experience, Yahoo Mail has also introduced the Shopper Saver option. This innovative feature scans users’ emails for unused gift cards, discount codes, store credits, and other similar items. Its primary purpose is to ensure users do not miss out on any savings bonuses that may have been forgotten or overlooked. This becomes particularly useful considering a recent survey published by Bankrate, which revealed that almost half of adults in the US possess at least one unused gift card or store credit.

It’s worth noting that Yahoo Mail’s new AI push is powered by Google Cloud’s advanced AI technology, a strategic partnership that aims to leverage the combined strength of both Yahoo and Google to enhance user experiences.

With these new AI features, Yahoo Mail users can now enjoy a more efficient and personalized email management experience. The AI bot’s capabilities to assist in composing emails, summarizing messages, refining searches, and maximizing savings make it a valuable addition to the Yahoo Mail ecosystem. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect smarter and more intuitive features to further enhance the way we interact with our emails. So, if you’re looking for a little extra assistance with your email management, why not give the Yahoo Mail AI bot a try? It might just become your new best friend in the inbox.