X Premium users can hide their likes

X Premium users can hide their likes

If you’re a premium subscriber to the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, I have some exciting news for you. You can now hide your likes tab from the prying eyes of the public, giving you a sense of privacy and control over your online presence. This move is just one of the many ways that X is trying to make its paid offering more appealing to subscribers.

So, how does it work? Well, when you enable this feature, the likes tab on your profile will completely disappear. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your likes hidden from others. This new feature is currently in the early access period, so you can change your preferences and turn it on now.

This is particularly useful for premium subscribers who want to keep their online activities private. We all know that sometimes we like things on social media that we may not want others to see. Whether it’s a controversial tweet or something that may be considered offensive, being able to hide your likes is a way to protect your reputation.

But there’s more to being a premium subscriber than just hiding your likes. For as little as $8 per month or $84 per year, you not only get access to this feature but also get to enjoy early access to new features and the coveted blue check mark that verifies your account. This is a great deal for those who want to stand out on social media and have a more enhanced user experience.

With this latest feature, we may start to see more public figures and officials jumping on the X bandwagon. In the past, we’ve witnessed public relations crises for politicians like Ted Cruz when they forgot that their likes were public. In 2017, Cruz’s account “hearted” a pornographic clip, causing quite a stir on the internet. By subscribing to X’s premium offering, public figures can avoid these embarrassing situations and maintain their online reputation.

So, whether you’re a regular user or a public figure, X’s premium subscription is definitely worth considering. It not only gives you more control over your online presence but also offers exclusive features and benefits. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your social media game. Subscribe now and enjoy a more personalized and private online experience with X.

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