X hides Quote tweets. Here’s how to locate them.

X hides Quote tweets. Here's how to locate them.

Elon Musk’s Tweets and the Vanished Quotes: A Tale of Social Media Redesign

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Do you enjoy roasting Elon Musk with your witty Quotes? Well, it seems the Tesla CEO is not amused, as he appears to be sick and tired of being targeted. Recently, Twitter’s redesigned platform has made it more difficult to access Quotes, leaving users frustrated and wondering why this change was made.

In the past, Quotes on Twitter were easily viewable with a simple click. However, following the redesign, users are now required to click the three dots in the top-right corner of a post and select “View post engagements” to see the Quotes. Sigh, another click added to our already cluttered browsing experience.

So, why did Twitter make this change? Unfortunately, they haven’t provided an official explanation or communicated their reasoning behind it. Previously, Quotes were the primary way users could respond to a post if the comments were turned off. One can only speculate that someone high up at Twitter decided that these responses should be harder to find.

This decision may seem contradictory considering Musk’s vocal support for freedom of speech, which is evident through Twitter itself being involved in a lawsuit against California. Hiding a feature that allows users to respond to each other’s content seems counterintuitive. However, this isn’t the first weird choice Twitter has made lately. From their name change to the increasingly confusing ad disclosures, the platform seems to be full of surprises.

When a media outlet reached out to Twitter for clarification, they received an automated response saying, “Busy now, please check back later.” It seems they are not eager to address their users’ concerns, at least for the time being.

Twitter’s decision to bury Quotes behind multiple clicks shows a possible shift towards limiting public engagement and conversation. While the exact motivations behind this change remain a mystery, it’s clear that it has left users feeling frustrated and disconnected.

Perhaps Twitter needs to remember that the essence of social media lies in the ability to freely express and interact with others. Making it harder for users to respond to content could hinder the platform’s authenticity and vibrancy.

So, next time you want to share a witty Quote on one of Elon Musk’s tweets, be prepared for some extra clicking. Twitter may have made things a little more challenging, but that won’t stop the creative minds from finding ways to engage and entertain.