Will the Ultimate Quest 3 and Vision Pro Accessory be a book?

Will the Ultimate Quest 3 and Vision Pro Accessory be a book?

Journey into the Magical World of Augmented Reality Books

Opening an ordinary-looking book and seeing magical holographic creatures jumping out of it seems like the sort of thing AR glasses were supposed to make happen years ago. In some cases, they sort of did: Way back, Sony had a Harry Potter-licensed AR book that worked with PlayStation’s camera, and Nintendo dabbled in its own marker-based cards and books using the 3DS’s cameras and 3D displays to make AR experiences, too. But now, a new experience, based on Jim Henson’s Storyteller, presents itself as an idea for how physical accessories like books could re-emerge for future mixed reality headsets.

Felix and Paul Studios, known for their cinematic VR experiences, has ventured into the world of augmented reality to create an immersive AR experience based on the Storyteller series by Jim Henson. The experience, titled “The Seven Ravens,” transports users into a charming story world contained within a physical prop, reminiscent of a book. With charming visuals resembling a living miniature video game theater and the captivating voice narration by Neil Gaiman, this AR experience truly brings the magical world of storytelling to life.

The AR experience of “The Seven Ravens” feels like peering into a book and discovering a whole new world inside. Users can tilt and turn the book to explore beyond the book’s portal and even interact with characters who peer back through the window. The pages of the book are like portals to different AR scenes, and each time a page is turned, a new scene starts. The clever use of turning the book around and flipping pages in the opposite direction creates a sense of endless storytelling possibilities.

While currently relying on controllers for interaction, the future of VR and AR headsets looks promisingly controller-free. With the upcoming Meta Quest 3 and Apple’s Vision Pro, which promise better hand-tracking and depth-tracking sensors, the era of hands-on augmented reality experiences is approaching. In this context, a wide range of mixed reality-ready accessories and objects, such as AR keyboards and trackpads, could enhance the tactile nature of AR interactions. Books or similar objects designed to project AR onto them could become the next frontier of augmented reality.

This idea of AR-friendly objects has been explored before with marker-coded toys and cards, but now the technology and timing seem aligned for its realization. “The Seven Ravens” AR experience cleverly masks one of the limitations of current AR glasses – a limited field of view. The Magic Leap 2 headset, used for this experience, has borders that align with the physical book’s edges, creating a seamless integration between the virtual and physical worlds. Each turn of the book’s stiff pages brings an enchanting chapter to life, submerging the user into a three-dimensional spectacle.

Originally created five years ago with the Magic Leap headset, “The Seven Ravens” was delayed due to the pandemic and Magic Leap’s shift towards a business-focused relaunch. However, Felix & Paul Studios’ co-founder, Paul Raphael, sees this experience as a stepping stone towards the creation of an actual AR book product. Raphael envisions future mixed-reality devices like Apple’s Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3 as the perfect platforms for bringing this concept to life.

In the future, as AR becomes commonplace and everyone wears AR glasses, the possibilities for augmented objects are infinite. Raphael expresses his vision of object-based storytelling on a larger scale. While “The Seven Ravens” is the first book-like experience they have developed, the studio has concepts for a vast array of augmented objects waiting to be realized.

The world of augmented reality is evolving rapidly, and experiences like “The Seven Ravens” demonstrate the potential for merging physical objects with digital storytelling. As the technology advances and AR becomes an integral part of our daily lives, we can expect to see more enchanting experiences that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, bringing the magic of AR into our hands and our everyday objects. So, get ready to embark on an immersive and magical journey with AR books that will enlighten, entertain, and expand your imagination like never before. The possibilities are endless.

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