Why I switched back to iPhone 14 Pro Max (and still love it) | ENBLE

Why I switched back to iPhone 14 Pro Max (and still love it) | ENBLE

Joe Maring / ENBLE As an avid user of both Android and iPhone devices, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a wide range of smartphones. However, no matter how many amazing Android devices or cutting-edge folding phones I review, I always have an iPhone by my side. From September 2022 until early March 2023, I relied on the iPhone 14 Pro Max as my go-to device. But due to its cumbersome size and weight, I made the switch to the smaller and more manageable iPhone 14 Pro. While the 14 Pro provided a great user experience, recently, in anticipation of the imminent release of the iPhone 15 series, I decided to give the 14 Pro Max another chance. And to my surprise, this phone is still pretty darn good, and it has reignited my excitement for the future of iPhones.

The first issue that had plagued the iPhone 14 Pro was its battery life. Since the phone’s launch in September, there have been numerous complaints about its lackluster battery performance. While some software updates attempted to address this issue, the general consensus is that battery life is still far from ideal, even after 11 months of use. Personally, I too experienced this problem, with my battery plummeting to 20% or lower by late afternoon, even with moderate usage. This issue worsened after downloading the iOS 17 beta. The constant concern about battery life has been a significant annoyance, especially during travels and social outings. However, upon switching back to the iPhone 14 Pro Max on the iOS 17 public beta, I noticed a significant improvement in battery life. Even with extensive screen time, including gaming sessions, the 14 Pro Max comfortably lasted until 11 p.m. with around 10% battery remaining. Although the larger size and weight can be a drawback, the enhanced endurance compensates for these inconveniences.

Joe Maring / ENBLE But it isn’t just the battery life that has me appreciating the iPhone 14 Pro Max again. Throughout this year, I have had the opportunity to test several phones with large displays, such as the Motorola Edge Plus, OnePlus 11, and Nothing Phone 2. Returning to the 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone 14 Pro felt somewhat constricting. While it sufficed for casual activities like browsing social media or checking messages, anything more immersive, such as following Apple Fitness+ workouts, watching YouTube videos, or indulging in Call of Duty: Mobile, felt significantly more enjoyable on the 14 Pro Max’s expansive display. Although there are smaller phones with large screens available, the value of a bigger display became more apparent to me after using both versions of the Pro iPhones.

9to5Mac Revisiting the iPhone 14 Pro Max had two main objectives. Firstly, I wanted to evaluate whether downgrading to the regular iPhone 14 Pro earlier this year was the right decision. As expected, I still greatly appreciate the comfort and ergonomics of the 14 Pro. However, when compared side by side, it becomes difficult to ignore the improvements of the 14 Pro Max. The battery life issue that persisted with the 14 Pro only reinforced the Pro Max’s superiority. Additionally, my increased engagement with mobile gaming and video consumption highlighted the benefits of a larger screen. Consequently, my preference has shifted towards tolerating the bulkiness of the 14 Pro Max for the sake of a more immersive experience.

Despite my current preference for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I can’t help but eagerly await the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Rumors suggest that Apple will introduce a titanium body, alleviating concerns about weight. Furthermore, the possibility of a USB-C port, periscope zoom camera, and improved power efficiency with the new A17 chipset adds to the excitement. With very few drawbacks, the iPhone 14 Pro Max remains one of my favorite phones from the past year. If Apple manages to deliver on the rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it will undoubtedly be a device I can’t wait to get my hands on.

So, while the journey from the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the 14 Pro led me to appreciate the latter’s compactness and comfort, returning to the Pro Max unveiled its advantages in battery life and larger display. And now, with anticipation building for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, I find myself eagerly looking forward to the future of iPhones and their potential to exceed expectations once again.