Why I quit selling tech on Facebook Marketplace | ENBLE

Why I quit selling tech on Facebook Marketplace | ENBLE

Selling Tech on Facebook Marketplace: A Scammer’s Paradise


I recently moved to a new house and decided to sell some of my old tech on Facebook Marketplace. Little did I know that it would turn into a nightmare experience filled with scammers, time-wasters, and frustrations. If you have ever tried selling tech on Facebook Marketplace, you may have encountered similar issues. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky and stay far away.

Throughout the process, I was bombarded with obvious scam messages and harassed by people trying to rush me into a sale without doing proper checks. It seemed like Facebook Marketplace was a platform devoid of any kind of moderation or control. Genuine buyers were hard to come by, especially when it came to selling high-value gadgets.


Let me share my experience with trying to sell an excellently performing gaming PC on Facebook Marketplace. The PC, built in 2016, had an Intel Core i7-6700K CPU, an EVGA GTX 1080 graphics card, 4.5TB of storage, and 16GB of memory. To ensure a quick sale before my house move, I priced it extremely competitively at 285 pounds (about $360), even lower than the cheapest equivalent PC listed on the website.

Unfortunately, as soon as I listed the PC, I was inundated with suspicious messages from scammers who wanted to take advantage of my desperation to sell. These scammers followed a pattern, using identical messages with only slight variations in details. The messages usually involved promises of sending a courier to collect the PC and pay in cash, which raised red flags.


Upon further investigation, it became apparent that these scammers were part of an organized effort. They used Eastern European names and shared similar photos. It appeared that they were trying to steal account information, impersonate victims, and trick sellers using cookie-cutter messages. Thankfully, I was able to spot their tactics, but I’m sure many others have fallen victim to their scams.

In addition to the PC, I also tried selling a MacBook Pro on Facebook Marketplace. Interestingly, the first message I received about the laptop was from a seemingly genuine buyer named Peter. However, it quickly became apparent that Peter was just another scammer. They claimed to have sent the payment but asked me to upgrade my account and send an additional payment to receive the full amount. It was an obvious attempt to deceive me.


These experiences with scammers and fraudsters on Facebook Marketplace led me to only two genuine buyers – a college student in need of a laptop and my own mother. In the end, my mom became the proud owner of the gaming PC, even though it surpassed her needs. Selling to someone I knew and cutting out Facebook Marketplace entirely turned out to be the best solution.

It’s clear that Facebook Marketplace lacks the necessary moderation and control to protect sellers from scams and fraudulent activities. The platform seems particularly susceptible to scams when it comes to selling high-value tech items. After this ordeal, I have learned my lesson and will never sell tech on Facebook Marketplace again.

If you’re thinking of selling your tech, it’s best to explore other options where the risk of encountering scammers is significantly reduced. Your best bet is to sell to someone you know or use reputable online platforms specifically designed for selling tech. Don’t subject yourself to the uncertainties and frustrations of Facebook Marketplace.