Why I don’t love the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera | ENBLE

Why I don't love the iPhone 14 Pro's camera | ENBLE

The iPhone 14 Pro Camera: A Love-Hate Relationship

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

“My iPhone 14 Pro and its camera have been with me for almost a year now, but as I looked for photos to share in this retrospective about the camera’s ability, it became clear I hadn’t used it to capture many truly important moments.”

When it comes to capturing memorable moments, our smartphones have become our go-to devices. With their ever-improving camera capabilities, it’s easier than ever to snap a great shot on the go. However, despite having the iPhone 14 Pro with its fantastic camera, I find myself not always reaching for it when I want to capture something special.

So, why is that? The iPhone 14 Pro camera is undeniably impressive, delivering superb results when I do use it. It’s particularly useful for product photography, especially when I need a quick and convenient way to capture images for my articles on ENBLE. The Portrait mode is accurate and simple to edit, and AirDrop makes it a breeze to transfer photos to my Mac mini.

For instance, I’ve used the iPhone 14 Pro to capture device photos for articles, shots of the latest smartphone models like the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, as well as a variety of other shots. While I’m pleased with the results, I must admit that they often require some editing both on the phone itself and in the Photos app on my Mac to achieve the desired look. Yet, despite the convenience, I can’t help but wonder if I could achieve even better results with other smartphones, even if it means dealing with more complex editing and transfers.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

However, there’s a recurring issue when I look through many of the photos I take with the iPhone 14 Pro – they often appear too dark. The camera tends to produce images with strong contrast and poor exposure management, resulting in shadowy and moody photos that lack atmosphere and accuracy. While editing can help to some extent, the damage is already done, and the photo never quite reaches its full potential.

That being said, the iPhone 14 Pro does have its moments. With software updates, the camera performance has improved, and in certain situations, it truly shines. For example, during a car meet, the iPhone 14 Pro effortlessly captured stunning images in the early evening light, requiring minimal effort on my part. This ease of use is why I often choose it for work-related shots as well. However, convenience alone isn’t enough if I’m not captivated by the results.

Pixel Fold Camera

Could it be that my dwindling enthusiasm for the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera is due to other smartphone cameras raising the bar in recent years? There’s no denying that the competition has come a long way, offering more exciting features and capabilities. As someone fortunate enough to test out various camera phones, I find myself turning to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for its impressive 10x optical zoom or the Google Pixel 7 Pro for its technical prowess in capturing stunning photos in any situation.

The iPhone 14 Pro simply can’t compete with the 10x optical zoom, and while its 3x zoom mode delivers great results, it lacks the consistency of the Pixel 7 Pro. Furthermore, Google’s software features, both in Google Photos and on the Pixel itself, provide more useful tools for me compared to Apple’s camera features. Features like Cinematic mode, while appreciated by some, don’t hold much appeal for me personally.

In fact, my recent comparison between the Google Pixel Fold and the iPhone 14 Pro left me questioning the iPhone’s enduring charm. The difference in photo quality was clear, and I found myself favoring the shots taken with the Pixel over those from the iPhone. It’s not that the iPhone 14 Pro’s photos are bad; they just don’t quite live up to my expectations. This trend was further evident in several back-to-back camera tests, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and even the standard Galaxy S23 outperforming the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

Ultimately, I believe the issue lies in the iPhone 14 Pro losing some of its character and charm, a feat that was noticeable when comparing it to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro. The camera lacks the certain intangible quality that once made it my go-to camera phone. While it excels at capturing technical, clinical photos for my work, it no longer consistently delivers those instant, beautiful shots of the real world around me.

Looking ahead to the iPhone 15 Pro, I hope to see some of that missing charm make a comeback. A zoom feature to rival Samsung’s, along with an overall more consistent camera experience that I would eagerly use in my everyday life, would be a welcome change. The iPhone 14 Pro is more than capable of capturing great shots of phones and watches, but it used to excel in all areas. For the next iteration, I want the iPhone to regain its status as my all-around favorite camera phone, and I’m hopeful that the iPhone 15 Pro will deliver just that.