What’s New in Music App in iOS 17

What's New in Music App in iOS 17

Apple Music in iOS 17: An Exciting Update for Music Lovers

Apple has delighted its users once again with the release of iOS 17, which brings several long-awaited features to Apple Music. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of everything new that Apple has added to the Apple Music app in iOS 17.

Crossfade: Smooth Transitions Between Songs

One of the standout features in iOS 17 is crossfade. This feature allows songs that are playing to smoothly transition into one another, eliminating any dead air time between songs. Say goodbye to those awkward pauses and enjoy a seamless music listening experience. You can adjust the length of the crossfade to suit your preferences, ensuring a non-stop music flow.

Collaborative Playlists: Music Sharing Made Easy

Apple Music now lets you create collaborative playlists with your friends and family members. You can invite multiple people to contribute songs, reorder tracks, and even remove songs from a single Apple Music playlist. This collaborative music experience encourages creativity and provides an avenue for everyone to share their music tastes. Additionally, you can react to songs in the playlist with emoji, adding a touch of fun and personal expression.

Collaborative Playlist

Please note that while collaborative playlists are not yet implemented in iOS 17, Apple has confirmed that they will be added in a future update later this year.

Apple Music SharePlay for CarPlay: A Harmonious Journey

For avid music lovers who use CarPlay, iOS 17’s Apple Music SharePlay feature will make your car rides even more enjoyable. Now, everyone in the car can play their favorite songs and contribute to the music selection. The car owner, who has their iPhone connected to the car, needs to have an Apple Music subscription for this feature to work. However, passengers can participate without their own subscriptions. The Apple Music interface provides a QR code that each person can scan to gain access to a playlist where songs can be added to the in-car queue.

SharePlay for CarPlay

Interface Updates: A Visual Treat

iOS 17 also brings some exciting interface updates to the Apple Music app. Full-screen animated artwork is now available for albums that support this option. This visually engaging feature adds a captivating element to your music listening experience. Additionally, the album art now blends seamlessly into the music player where the controls are located, creating a more cohesive and immersive interface.

When the music player is minimized, iOS 17 introduces a hovering effect that adds depth to the interface, giving your music player a more dynamic and interactive feel.

Interface Updates

Non-synced Lyrics: Legible and Lyrical

In iOS 17, Apple has made song lyrics that are not synced to the music more legible. These lyrics now appear in a larger font, aligning them with the size of lyrics that are synced to an Apple Music song. This enhancement makes it easier to sing along or simply delve into the poetic beauty of the lyrics.

Song Credits: Uncover the Talent Behind the Music

For those who are curious about the people involved in creating the music they love, iOS 17 introduces song credits. By tapping on the three-dot icon next to a song that is playing or in a playlist, you can now access detailed information about the performing artists, composition artists, and the individuals who contributed to the production and engineering of the song.

Song Credits

Apple Music Sing on Apple TV: Unleash Your Inner Superstar

Apple Music Sing, a feature integrated into Apple Music, allows you to showcase your singing talent with an iPhone running iOS 17 and an Apple TV 4K running tvOS 17. By using your iPhone as a camera for the Apple TV, you can watch yourself perform on the big screen. This functionality is also similar to the FaceTime feature on Apple TV. Apple Music Sing provides follow-along lyrics and automatically lowers the vocal volume so you can sing along with your favorite songs like a superstar.

Apple Music Sing on Apple TV

Conclusion: A Musical Paradise Awaits

With the iOS 17 update, Apple Music has become even more impressive, offering an array of exciting features to enhance your music listening experience. From seamless transitions between songs, collaborative playlist creation, and sharing music in your car, to visual interface updates, legible lyrics, and song credits, Apple Music has truly evolved. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of music with these fantastic new features.

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