What’s New in iOS 17 Beta 6

What's New in iOS 17 Beta 6

Exciting Changes in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17: Beta Testing Almost Complete

We’re eagerly counting down the days until the highly anticipated release of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, and the end of the beta testing period is now in sight. Apple recently rolled out the sixth beta update, with smaller updates focusing on essential refinements and polish. While we’re approaching the final stages, there are still some noteworthy changes worth highlighting. Let’s dive into the latest updates from the world of Apple.

Messages App: Simpler Photo Sharing

In the Messages app, Apple has introduced a convenient change that will make photo sharing a breeze. Instead of the previous method of tapping the “+” button and selecting the Photos option, you can now simply long-press the “+” button to bring up the photo picker. This small tweak allows for a more streamlined and intuitive experience, saving users valuable time.

Phone App: Back to the Middle

As part of earlier beta updates, Apple made the somewhat unpopular decision to move the red end call button in the Phone app from the bottom middle to the bottom right. However, listening to user feedback, Apple has rectified this in beta 6 and returned the end call button to its familiar spot in the middle. This adjustment brings back familiarity and ensures a smoother transition between iOS versions for users.

Mood Tracking: Polished Animations

Apple has gone above and beyond in improving the user experience of the mood tracking feature. In beta 6, further tweaks have been made to the animations used for the moods. The rings around each mood now animate quicker and more dynamically, enhancing the visual appeal and making the mood tracking experience even more delightful. With these refined animations, users can more easily and accurately express their emotions.

Photos Splash Screen: Welcoming You with New Features

When launching the Photos app, a fresh new splash screen now greets users, showcasing the exciting new features available in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. This informative introduction provides users with a glimpse of what’s in store and acts as a friendly guide to help them navigate through the revamped app.

Display & Brightness: A Visual Refresh

Even the little details matter in this update. In the Display & Brightness section of the Settings app, Apple has updated the wallpaper icon with an ‌iOS 17‌ wallpaper, adding a touch of visual elegance to the overall user interface. It’s these subtle refinements that contribute to the immersive and visually appealing experience that iOS users have come to love.

More iOS 17 Beta 6 Features

These are just a few of the exciting changes that await users in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. However, there may be other noteworthy features that we haven’t covered in this list. We invite you to share any additional features you’ve discovered in the comments below. Let’s delve into the vibrant world of iOS 17 together and discover the wonders it has to offer!

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