What to expect at Amazon’s Devices and Services event

What to expect at Amazon's Devices and Services event

Amazon Devices and Services Event 2023: What to Expect

Amazon HQ2 Campus

Get ready for the much-anticipated Amazon Devices and Services event happening on September 20, 2023, at the stunning Amazon HQ2 Campus in Arlington, VA. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, Amazon is set to unveil new products and showcase platform improvements that will excite tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

In last year’s event, Amazon introduced the Kindle Scribe, a new generation of Echo Dot, Fire TV Cube, and added spatial audio to the immersive Echo Studio. The company also unveiled the Fire TV Pro Remote and enhanced its Echo devices with built-in eero capabilities. Although the official lineup for this year’s event remains a well-guarded secret, let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from Amazon’s Devices and Services event in 2023.

Generative AI for Alexa

Chances of being unveiled: Medium

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to offer natural language processing capabilities. They can understand your queries, execute commands, and perform various tasks, making interactions feel conversational. However, currently, Alexa’s responses are largely reliant on pulling information from the internet.

But Amazon has been working on generative AI, which could revolutionize Alexa’s capabilities. While Alexa can presently provide information found online, generative AI would enable the virtual assistant to generate answers, offer personalized suggestions, and respond to multiple questions simultaneously. Imagine asking Alexa for a recipe, and it instantly creates a customized one using the ingredients in your fridge.

Dave Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president of devices and services, expressed excitement about the potential of generative AI, stating, “The opportunity to bring generative AI to customers at that scale is incredibly exciting.” Although there’s no confirmation about its announcement, Amazon has hinted at the possibility of introducing this groundbreaking feature at the event.

A New Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo Speaker

The Echo speaker, released in 2020, has carved a unique place in the smart home market with its Zigbee hub integration. Despite the launch of the Echo Dot and Echo Pop, the original Echo speaker offers additional features and a middleground price tag of $100. However, compared to other smart speakers in the same price range, its audio quality falls slightly short.

This has sparked speculation that Amazon might introduce an updated version of the Echo speaker during the event. Alternatively, the company could shift its strategy by phasing out the Echo and keeping the more affordable Echo Dot as its budget option, while positioning the Echo Studio as its flagship device. The event will shed more light on Amazon’s plans for its Echo lineup.

A New Fire TV Stick 4K

Chances of being unveiled: High

Amazon updates its Fire TV Stick lineup every two years, and it’s the Fire TV Stick 4K’s turn for a refresh in 2023. With intermittent discounts and price drops, a pattern previously observed with outgoing models, it’s highly likely Amazon is preparing for a newer iteration of the popular streaming device.

Even if a new Fire TV Stick 4K isn’t announced, we can still expect updates to Fire TVs and the FireOS during the event. Amazon continues to enhance its streaming platform to provide a seamless and immersive entertainment experience for users.

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis, introduced in 2019, remains the oldest model in Amazon’s e-reader lineup. Known for its ergonomic design and 7-inch display, the Oasis stands out among Kindles. However, this age has raised questions about whether a new Oasis is on the horizon, or if Amazon plans to discontinue the device.

Enthusiasts can anticipate a potential update to the Kindle Oasis, which is likely to retain its larger screen and ergonomic back design, ensuring comfortable extended reading sessions. With the introduction of a new entry-level Kindle and the Kindle Scribe last year, discontinuation of the Oasis is also a possibility to streamline the product range.

New Kindle Scribe Updates

Chances of being unveiled: High

The Kindle Scribe was a resounding success since its launch last year. Amazon has continuously improved the tablet via updates, introducing new brush types, a lasso select tool, enhanced export formats, and various PDF-reading improvements.

At this year’s event, we can expect Amazon to further enhance the Kindle Scribe’s feature set, adding even more exciting capabilities. Fans of the Kindle Scribe will be eagerly awaiting these updates, which promise to elevate the user experience and solidify its position as a top-tier e-reader.

As the date of the Amazon Devices and Services event draws closer, anticipation among tech enthusiasts grows. With the possibility of generative AI for Alexa, an updated Echo speaker, a new Fire TV Stick 4K, potential refreshes for the Kindle Oasis, and exciting Kindle Scribe updates, the event promises to be a highlight on every gadget lover’s calendar. Stay tuned!