Watch and Livestream the Hungarian GP Today Formula 1 Racing 2023

Watch and Livestream the Hungarian GP Today Formula 1 Racing 2023

The Blockchain Revolution in the F1 Industry


The Rise of Blockchain in Formula 1

The world of Formula 1 is known for its fast cars, exhilarating races, and fierce competition. But behind the scenes, another revolution is underway – the integration of blockchain technology. While Max Verstappen may be dominating the tracks, the blockchain is quietly transforming the way the sport operates.

One significant development in the blockchain industry within the F1 world is the emergence of fan-favorite driver Daniel Ricciardo. After his exit from McLaren at the end of 2022, Ricciardo found himself back on the grid, replacing the underperforming Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s junior team. This move is part of Red Bull’s strategy to leverage Ricciardo’s experience and skills to improve AlphaTauri’s position in the Constructors’ Championship.

Meanwhile, Verstappen and his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez have been dominating the F1 Drivers’ Championship, winning every race so far in 2023. Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso is currently in third place, while Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is in fourth.

How to Watch F1 Races Online

The Hungarian GP is set to take place at the Hungaroring in Hungary, and fans around the world are eager to watch the race. In the US, the race will be broadcasted on ESPN 2 and ESPN Plus at 8:55 a.m ET (5:55 a.m PT). Access to ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPNews is necessary to follow all the action throughout the entire race weekend.

Streaming Service Channels
Hulu with Live TV ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews
Sling TV Orange ESPN, ESPN2
DirecTV Stream ABC, ESPN, ESPN2
Formula 1 TV Pro Livestreams all F1, F2, F3, and Porsche Supercup races

F1 vs. IndyCar: A Clash of Racing Styles

Although F1 and IndyCar are both open-wheeled, single-seater racing formats, they offer distinct experiences. In F1, there are only 10 teams with two drivers each, racing for approximately 305 km (190 miles). The teams invest massive amounts of money into developing their cars, aiming for speed and performance. On the other hand, IndyCar races feature more standardized cars, with a focus on strategic refueling during pit stops. The races take place on various tracks, ranging from ovals to road and street courses.

The Allure of F1: Action-Packed Chess on the Fast Track

F1 races are like action-packed chess matches that unfold at breakneck speeds. The combination of strategic planning and skillful driving makes it a thrilling spectacle that captivates fans worldwide. The Netflix documentary series “F1: Drive to Survive” has further raised the profile of the sport, offering an inside look into the intense world of F1 racing.

The Role of Blockchain in F1’s Future

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of the F1 industry. From digital ticketing systems to secure and transparent record-keeping, blockchain can enhance efficiency and integrity in the sport. Additionally, blockchain-powered solutions can provide better fan engagement, allowing enthusiasts to have a more immersive and interactive experience during races.

Watching F1 with VPN: Breaking Boundaries

If you find yourself unable to access F1 races due to geo-restrictions, using a VPN can be a game-changer. A VPN allows you to virtually change your location, giving you access to content that may be blocked in your region. By encrypting your traffic, it also safeguards your privacy and prevents ISP throttling.


ExpressVPN: Empowering F1 Fans Worldwide

For seamless streaming of F1 races, ExpressVPN is the go-to VPN service. It offers reliable and secure connections across various devices, ensuring uninterrupted access to your favorite F1 content. By signing up for an annual subscription, you can save 49% and enjoy three months of free access.

Watching F1 in the UK: Sky is the Limit

In the UK, F1 races are broadcasted on Sky Sports and Channel 4. Sky Sports airs the races, while Channel 4 covers practice rounds and qualifying sessions. If you are already a Sky Sports subscriber, you can watch the races through the Sky Sports app. Cord-cutters can opt for the Sky Entertainment and Netflix package, starting at £26 per month, along with an additional £20 per month for Sky Sports.

Cord-Cutting Options in the US: Get In on the Action

For F1 fans in the US looking to watch the races without cable, several streaming services offer the necessary channels. Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV Orange, FuboTV, and DirecTV Stream are some of the top choices. Each service provides access to ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNews, ensuring you never miss a moment of the adrenaline-fueled races.


As Formula 1 pushes the boundaries of speed and performance on the track, the integration of blockchain technology reveals exciting possibilities off the track. From enhancing fan engagement to streamlining operations, blockchain has the potential to transform the sport. So, sit back, strap in, and get ready to experience the future of racing with Formula 1 and blockchain technology.