Vision Pro App Store will include iPhone and iPad apps by default.

Vision Pro App Store will include iPhone and iPad apps by default.

Apple Vision Pro

While Apple’s Vision Pro headset isn’t set for release until next year, developers are already eager to get a head start on fine-tuning their apps for this exciting new mixed-reality device. Apple has announced that when the Vision Pro launches, it will come preloaded with apps and games, and developers will also have access to thousands of iPhone and iPad apps. But what makes this news even more exciting is that Apple will be releasing a beta version of the Vision Pro OS with the App Store built-in this fall.

The VisionOS is currently in beta testing, but without an App Store, developers can’t fully utilize and test third-party apps. However, with the upcoming beta release of the Vision Pro OS, developers will have the opportunity to publish their iPhone and iPad apps to the VisionOS App Store by default. This means that most iPad and iPhone apps can run on VisionOS without any modifications. Only if an existing app requires functionalities that the Vision Pro cannot provide, the developer will be informed, and the app will need to be updated with alternate functionality before it can be accessed by customers.

To assist developers in seeing their apps in action and making necessary changes, Apple provides the VisionOS simulator in Xcode15. This simulator allows developers to test their app’s core functionality and interact with its elements. Furthermore, for those who want to test their apps on an actual Apple Vision Pro device, they can do so by applying for a hardware kit or visiting one of Apple’s developer labs in six cities.

For developers looking to optimize their apps for the Vision Pro, Apple recommends building them with the VisionOS SDK. By doing so, not only will the app have a standardized appearance, but developers can easily incorporate new elements such as 3D content tailored for eyes and hand input. This opens up exciting possibilities for creating immersive and interactive experiences on the Vision Pro headset.

The anticipation for Apple’s Vision Pro is building among developers, as they prepare for the release of the headset next year. With the opportunity to access and test thousands of apps, developers have a chance to explore and create groundbreaking experiences for the Vision Pro. Whether it’s gaming, productivity, or entertainment, the Vision Pro is set to offer a wide range of possibilities, and developers are gearing up to make the most of this cutting-edge technology. So, get ready to step into a whole new world of mixed-reality experiences with Apple’s Vision Pro headset.