Video predicts iPhone 15 Pro in gray and blue shades

Video predicts iPhone 15 Pro in gray and blue shades

Apple’s Big Event: A Sneak Peek at the iPhone 15 Series


The anticipation is building up as Apple’s big event draws near, where the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled. As the rumors continue to circulate, we’re getting tantalizing glimpses into the designs of the new iPhones, with exciting leaks revealing two distinctive new colors for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: a sleek and elegant steely gray, as well as a deep, subdued blue.

One of the distinguishing features of Apple’s yearly iPhone releases is the introduction of unique colors. Last year, we saw the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in gold and purple hues. This year, according to insiders from 9to5Mac, Apple will be offering the premium handsets in “titan gray” and an unnamed dark blue color.

Phone leaker Jon Rettinger shared a sneak-peek video on X, formerly known as Twitter, showcasing the alleged lineup of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max in all four colors. The video further fuels our excitement as we catch a glimpse of these stunning new designs.

In addition to the color options, there are other intriguing rumors swirling around the iPhone 15 series. One leak suggests that the new iPhones will switch to USB-C ports, and according to ENBLE, the charging cables will now match the color of the devices. This departure from Apple’s signature white cords adds another touch of customization to the user experience. Furthermore, the rumors indicate that the higher-end models may be offered in titanium, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, rather than stainless steel.

While the leaks have primarily focused on the Pro models, another leak from reliable Apple insider @URedditor on X provides insight into the colors we can expect for the baseline iPhone 15. According to the leaker, the entry-level model will be available in pink (either a rose gold or blush gold hue), green, blue, yellow, black, and possibly even orange. It’s worth noting that not all of these colors may make the final cut, but it’s exciting to imagine the possibilities.

Jon Rettinger also shared a video showcasing the iPhone 15 lineup in all five colors, and these colors appear to have a lighter, nearly pastel tone, adding an element of freshness and vibrancy.

Last year, the iPhone 14 was released in five different colors: midnight (black), starlight (silver), pastel purple, light blue, and a special red hue for Project Red. Yellow was later added to the lineup in March of this year, expanding the color options even further.

With only one day remaining until Apple’s highly anticipated event, the excitement is palpable. While the new range of iPhones will undeniably steal the show, there are also expectations for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9 and potentially new models from other product families like iPads or AirPods. We’re on the verge of witnessing the next wave of innovation from the tech giant, and the possibilities are endless. Brace yourself for the Apple extravaganza!