Using the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button for versatile functionality

Using the iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button for versatile functionality

The Exciting New iPhone Feature – Introducing the Action Button

Apple’s recent Wonderlust event had tech enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. While many exciting announcements were made, one particular feature stole the show at the press conference held in the iconic Steve Jobs Theater. No, it wasn’t the much-anticipated introduction of USB-C. It was the unveiling of the Action Button, a new feature on the latest iPhone models that received thunderous applause from the audience.

If the term “Action Button” rings a bell, that’s because Apple had introduced a similar feature with the Watch Ultra last year. However, the one on the iPhone is far more customizable and comes with a sleek settings interface that is both ahead of its time and visually impressive. So, let’s dive into the details and understand how this new feature works and its practical applications.

How to use the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro

Before we explore the customization options, let’s first get familiar with the basics of the Action Button:

  • Press and hold the Action Button to trigger most functions.
  • By default, a press and hold of the Action Button switches between sound and silent modes, similar to the original alert slider functionality.
  • Additionally, a single tap of the Action Button within specific apps will trigger secondary functions. For example, a single tap while the Camera app is open will capture a photo, and a single tap while using Voice Memo will stop the recording.

Customizing the Action Button

Now, let’s delve into the exciting part – customizing the Action Button. To access the customization options, head over to the Settings app on your iPhone 15 Pro. Scroll down until you find the Action Button tab.

The Action Button settings menu offers a visually captivating user interface that sets it apart from other settings on the iPhone. As you swipe through the programmable functions, you’ll be greeted with a fancy animation of the Action Button itself.

Your customization options include the following:

  • Silent Mode (default)
  • Focus
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Voice Memo
  • Accessibility
  • Shortcut
  • Translate (coming soon)

Apple provides you with the ability to map specific functions within these broader categories. For example, under the Camera slider, you can choose from options like Photo, Selfie, Video, Portrait, and Portrait Selfie.

Action Button settings menu


What iPhone models have the Action Button? The Action Button is exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Older models have a physical alert slider that switches between sound and silent modes. It’s worth noting that cases and covers designed for previous iPhone models won’t fit the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Can I map a third-party app to the Action Button? Absolutely! Thanks to the Shortcut option in the Action Button menu, you can map a third-party app to the Action Button. First, create a Shortcut with the desired app, and then select it as the sequence to open when the Action Button is triggered. The incredible versatility of Shortcuts allows for endless possibilities of what the Action Button can do.

In conclusion, Apple’s introduction of the Action Button on the latest iPhone models showcases their commitment to providing enhanced user experiences. This customizable feature not only adds convenience to everyday smartphone usage but also reflects Apple’s innovative thinking in incorporating user-friendly functionalities. So, get ready to embrace the future of iPhone interactions with the Action Button – a game-changer that promises to make your interactions with your device smoother and more personalized than ever before.