Using StandBy Mode on iOS 17 (supported iPhones)

Using StandBy Mode on iOS 17 (supported iPhones)

iOS 17’s StandBy Mode: An Interactive and Glanceable Experience

If you’re someone who keeps their phone by their bedside or docked on their office desk, then iOS 17’s StandBy mode is here to cater to your needs. This upcoming feature, set to be released with iOS 17 in the fall, transforms your lock screen experience into an interactive and glanceable window of widgets.

Turning on StandBy mode

By default, StandBy mode is turned on in the iOS 17 public beta version. However, Apple may give users the option to disable it in the official software. To access the StandBy mode settings, navigate to “Settings” and scroll down to “StandBy.” Here, you can toggle the activation on or off.

Additionally, within the StandBy settings page, you’ll find two other options: Night Mode and notifications. Night Mode adjusts the color tint to red when in darker environments, while notifications allow critical notifications to be displayed in StandBy mode, similar to the lock screen behavior.

Docking your iPhone

Currently, StandBy mode works with any compatible iPhone that is charging and oriented horizontally. This means you can use a MagSafe charging dock, a standard Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, or even a standard lightning cable to power your iPhone.

When both the horizontal orientation and charging requirements are met, StandBy mode automatically turns on. Your lock screen will then transform into a widescreen status hub displaying the time, date, and temperature. If you use multiple MagSafe accessories, each device will display its specific StandBy mode configuration.

Customizing StandBy mode

StandBy mode offers three panels that you can cycle through by swiping sideways on your docked iPhone:

  1. The first panel showcases two columns of interactive widgets similar to those found on the iPhone home screen. You can customize this panel by adding or removing widgets, rearranging their order, and enabling features like Smart Rotate and Widget Suggestions.

  2. The second panel is a photo clock that displays the time along with a selection of your chosen photo albums or categories (e.g. pets, nature, people). You have the freedom to choose which pictures are displayed.

  3. The third panel presents a larger clock with various styles to choose from.

Notifications and alerts

When the “Show Notifications” setting is enabled in StandBy mode, incoming messages and alerts will be displayed on your docked device. To enhance privacy, you can enable “Show Preview on Tap Only,” ensuring that you must unlock your device using Touch ID or Face ID to view notifications in full.


What iPhone models support StandBy mode?

StandBy mode is supported by all iPhones that can be upgraded to iOS 17, including this year’s models as well as the iPhone XR. Check the full list of compatible devices to ensure your iPhone is eligible.

Will StandBy mode always stay on?

StandBy mode will remain on only for iPhone models that support an always-on display. Currently, this includes the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. For older models, StandBy mode will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity.

What charging dock is compatible with StandBy mode?

StandBy mode works with both MagSafe-certified chargers and traditional Qi-enabled wireless chargers. However, to take advantage of MagSafe location awareness, you will need the latter option. Regardless of the charging dock used, remember to rotate your iPhone horizontally for StandBy mode to activate.

With iOS 17’s StandBy mode, Apple is revolutionizing the lock screen experience, making it more interactive, informative, and customizable. Whether you’re a nightstand charger or a desk dock enthusiast, the upcoming release of iOS 17 promises to enhance your daily iPhone interactions.