Using Spaces in Arc browser for better tab experience

Using Spaces in Arc browser for better tab experience

Arc Browser: The Game-Changing Tab Management Feature

Arc Browser

Some time ago, I made the shift from my favorite web browser, Firefox, to Opera because of one issue – tab management. With 30+ tabs open, I struggled to make sense of it all as they became too small to distinguish. Fortunately, Opera’s Workspaces feature was a tab management perfection that helped me get rid of the confusion. But then, Arc Browser came along.

At first, I thought Arc Browser was just another gimmicky browser with a pretty facade, offering the usual features that would eventually evolve into bloat. I was wrong. In fact, Arc Browser piqued my interest to the point where it could potentially become my go-to browser if they released a Linux port. While I have to use it sporadically on my MacBook Pro for now, what I’m discovering in Arc Browser could put Opera and most other browsers to shame.

One area where Arc Browser truly shines is in tab management. It offers a feature called Spaces, which allows you to categorize tabs into different spaces. You can create spaces for Social Media, Work, Shopping, News, or any other categories you need. Surprisingly, I find Arc Browser’s Spaces to be even more effective than Opera’s Workspaces.

How to Create a New Space in Arc Browser

What You’ll Need

The only thing you’ll need is Arc Browser installed on your desktop or laptop. As of now, Arc Browser is only available for MacOS and Windows (although the Windows version still requires you to be on a waiting list).

  1. Open Arc Browser: Once you have installed the browser, open it. By default, Arc will have a single space that lives in the left sidebar.

    Arc Browser Space
  2. Create a New Space: In the bottom right corner of the left sidebar, you’ll find a + button. Click that button to reveal a popup menu and select “New Space.”

    Arc Browser Popup Menu
  3. Name Your New Space: The new space will appear with a default name like “Space 2.” Rename it by hovering the cursor over it, clicking the Edit button, selecting “Rename Space” from the popup menu, typing a new name, and clicking Rename. Repeat this process to create all the spaces you need.

    Renaming a new Space

    Pro Tip: To distinguish between spaces easily, give each space a unique icon. Open the Edit popup menu, select “Change Icon,” and find an icon fitting for the category.

  4. Switching Between Spaces: There are four ways to switch between spaces in Arc Browser:

    • Click on the Space’s unique icon at the bottom of the sidebar.
    • Use a two-finger swipe, either to the left or right, in the sidebar.
    • Use the Control+[number] (e.g., 1, 2, etc.) key combination.
    • Use Command-T to open the Arc Browser search and type the Space name.

    On my MacBook Pro, I prefer the swiping method as I find it the most efficient.

  5. Move a Tab to a Different Space: If you open a website in the wrong space, it’s easy to move it. Right-click (or two-finger tap) on the tab and select “Move To > SPACE” (where SPACE is the name of the destination space).

    Moving tabs in Arc Browser

That’s all there is to using Arc Browser’s Spaces feature. This game-changing method of tab management should put all other browsers on high alert that there’s a better way available. Once you start using Spaces, you’ll find it difficult to go back to your default browser’s tab management options.

So, give Arc Browser a try and wave goodbye to tab chaos forever!