Using quick phrases on your Pixel phone for time and effort savings

Using quick phrases on your Pixel phone for time and effort savings

Say goodbye to tapping: How to enable Google Assistant quick phrases on your Pixel

Image Source: ZDNet

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just speak a command to silence our phone alarm or answer an incoming call? Well, with the quick phrases feature on Google Assistant, you can do just that! No more fumbling around for your phone to tap the stop button or the decline call option. Let’s dive into how you can enable this convenient feature on your Pixel phone running Android Version 10 or higher.

How to Enable Quick Phrases on Google Assistant

Step 1: Open Google Assistant

To start, you’ll need to access the settings for Google Assistant, which can be easily done by using the voice command, “Hey Google, Assistant settings.”

Step 2: Enable Quick Phrases

In the Google Assistant settings window, scroll down until you see the Quick phrases option. Here, you’ll find two ON/OFF toggles: one for alarms and timers, and another for incoming calls. By default, the Quick phrases option for alarms and timers is already enabled. To enable it for incoming calls as well, simply tap the ON/OFF slider to the ON position.

That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled quick phrases on your Pixel phone. From now on, you can simply say “Stop” to snooze an alarm, “Answer” to accept an incoming call, “Decline” to reject a call, and “Silence” to mute your ringer. It’s as easy as that!

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If your phone is on mute and you say “Answer” when a call comes in, you might accidentally answer a call you didn’t intend to. So, it’s important to be cautious when using quick phrases around your Pixel phone during incoming calls. Additionally, quick phrases can also be triggered by someone else, so consider your surroundings and the people you’re frequently with when receiving calls.

Quick phrases are designed to make your life more efficient, allowing you to perform important phone functions without having to physically interact with your device. It’s a small feature that can have a big impact, saving you time and effort throughout your day.

So why not give quick phrases a try? Experience the ease and convenience they offer on your Pixel phone. Say goodbye to tapping and hello to a more efficient way of managing your alarms and incoming calls.