Users must now pay for TweetDeck

Users must now pay for TweetDeck

XPro: The Evolution of TweetDeck


Remember TweetDeck, the popular desktop client for power users of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter? Well, it has now undergone a transformation and is available exclusively through X Premium subscription service. Say hello to XPro, the new and improved version of TweetDeck.

X, formerly known as Twitter, made the announcement through its support account on July 3. In 30 days, users will need to be Verified, meaning they must subscribe to X Premium for $8 a month on desktop or $11 on Android or iOS, in order to access XPro. According to X, users will be treated to a range of new features, in addition to the ones already offered by TweetDeck.

What’s new in XPro? Let’s dive into the details. Advanced search capabilities, enhanced video viewing while scrolling through XPro, and the option to choose between viewing top posts or the latest posts in columns are some noteworthy perks. But, hold on, there seems to be a catch. The Teams functionality has been temporarily removed, with X promising that it will be restored in the coming weeks. We eagerly await the return of this feature.

With Elon Musk at the helm, X has been undergoing a series of changes since he acquired the company in October 2022. A new subscription program and a revamped verification system were introduced, followed by the rebranding of Twitter to X. And most recently, the company decided to change its app icon to a smudged and dirty look, leaving many scratching their heads in confusion.

Interestingly, X had actually acquired TweetDeck back in 2011 for a whopping $40 million. It was the go-to platform for Twitter power users, who appreciated its productivity-focused features. However, some may wonder whether the decision to limit access to TweetDeck was solely Musk’s idea. Prior to his bid for Twitter, leaked code in March 2022 hinted at Twitter’s plan to include TweetDeck as part of its Twitter Blue subscription perks. It seems like the idea had been brewing within the company for some time.

If you try to visit TweetDeck’s old URL (, you will be redirected to X’s homepage with a popup urging you to subscribe to X Premium. It’s a clear indication that X wants users to transition to its new platform, XPro. Additionally, visiting will lead you to a completely different company, highlighting the specific identity and distinction of XPro.

All in all, XPro marks the next chapter in the evolution of TweetDeck. While the move may disappoint some free users, it’s a strategic decision by X to provide enhanced features and exclusivity to its premium subscribers. With advanced search capabilities, improved video viewing, and more, XPro aims to meet the demands of power users while enticing others to join the X Premium subscription service.

So, are you ready to experience the power of XPro? Subscribe to X Premium and embark on a new journey with X, the company that continues to redefine the social media landscape.


  • X has transformed TweetDeck into XPro, available exclusively through X Premium subscription service.
  • Users will need to subscribe to X Premium to access XPro.
  • New features in XPro include advanced search, enhanced video viewing, and the option to choose between top posts and latest posts in columns.
  • The Teams functionality will be temporarily unavailable but will be restored in the coming weeks.
  • Under Elon Musk’s leadership, X has introduced various changes, including a new subscription program and verification system.
  • X paid $40 million in 2011 to acquire TweetDeck, showing its commitment to catering to power users.
  • TweetDeck’s old URL now redirects to X’s homepage, emphasizing the shift to XPro.
  • XPro represents the evolution of TweetDeck and aims to provide enhanced features and exclusivity to premium subscribers.