Update may prolong Chromebook lifespan | ENBLE

Update may prolong Chromebook lifespan | ENBLE

Upcoming ChromeOS Update to Extend the Life of Chromebooks

Arif Bacchus/ ENBLE Image source: Arif Bacchus/ ENBLE

Google is unveiling a game-changing update to its ChromeOS, set to significantly extend the life of Chromebooks. Slated for release in a few weeks, this update will separate Chrome browser support from ChromeOS, allowing it to receive independent and faster updates.

Dubbed “Lacros,” this project has been in development since 2020. Its objective is to enable the Chrome browser to continue receiving updates even after Chromebooks reach the end of their life support, which typically lasts between five to six years, but can extend up to eight years for some models. With this update, Chromebooks may enjoy an extended lifespan as the browser continues to receive updates.

According to documents discovered by AboutChromebooks, the upcoming ChromeOS 116 release seems to have Lacros as a default feature. Moreover, the 116 beta release no longer includes the “Lacros support” flag, indicating that the separation between the browser and the operating system will be automatic.

After over two years of development, Google appears to be ready to introduce this new Chrome browser support with the ChromeOS 116 release, scheduled to launch around August 22. Alongside this update, there will be other feature tweaks to enhance the user experience. For instance, the Lacros browser will now display a splash screen when it undergoes updates, signaling the successful transition from the old Chrome browser to the new Lacros browser.

It’s important to note that Google has not officially confirmed any details regarding the association between Lacros and the 116 release. However, for users, this update may not bring about significant changes in the short term. Its true value lies in the long-term benefits it offers, potentially prolonging the usefulness of Chromebooks.

Overall, this ChromeOS update marks a significant stride forward in technology. By decoupling the Chrome browser from the operating system, Google aims to ensure that Chromebooks remain up to date and continue to serve their users even after their official support ends. This development demonstrates Google’s commitment to creating innovative solutions that enhance the overall user experience and provide long-lasting value. So, keep an eye out for the ChromeOS 116 release, as it promises to unlock new possibilities for Chromebook owners everywhere.