Unique GPU cooler unlike anything seen before | ENBLE

Unique GPU cooler unlike anything seen before | ENBLE

Nvidia’s Prototype Graphics Card: An Enthusiast’s Dream or Nightmare?

Hayaka / Goofish Hayaka / Goofish

Nvidia may have shelved the idea of an RTX 4090 Ti, but traces of its existence can still be found in various prototypes. Among them is a fascinating one that has recently surfaced, featuring a hidden fan. This prototype is equipped with a massive quad-slot cooler, making it more than capable of cooling even the most powerful graphics cards. While such a cooling solution would be a dream come true for enthusiasts, its practicality for the average user is doubtful.

Originally shared by Hayaka on Goofish, the photos of this intriguing prototype have caught the attention of Twitter leaker harukaze5719. The purpose of this cooler remains unclear, as it could have been intended for the RTX Titan Ada, an RTX 4090 Ti, or even a different product altogether. Regardless, it is evident that this is an enthusiast-grade offering, featuring the AD102 GPU. It is worth noting that the RTX 4090 Ti seems to have been abandoned by Nvidia, leaving room for speculation about its replacement.

The quad-slot cooler has a design that accommodates three fans, with one hidden inside and two larger fans on the exterior. This configuration suggests that the card it was designed for would have had a 90-degree angled PCB. To facilitate this design, the cooler incorporates 22 heat pipes and a vapor chamber. The prototype is powered by a single 12VHPWR connector, enabling it to receive up to 600 watts of power. However, this setup raises concerns about potential melting issues, similar to those experienced by the RTX 4090. The unique PCB design necessitates the cable looping around the heatsink.

The addition of a third fan undoubtedly would have improved airflow, which is always a positive attribute for cooling solutions. However, the noise produced by such a powerful cooler operating at full capacity remains a mystery. The prospect of having to wear noise-canceling headphones just to use your PC is far from desirable. Furthermore, this design may be excessive for high-end GPUs, as they often end up in systems utilizing custom loop liquid cooling, effectively managing temperatures without imposing additional strain. Nevertheless, maintaining stable temperatures is crucial for these expensive components.

Although rumors suggest that Nvidia has abandoned the RTX 4090 Ti, speculations about an RTX Titan Ada card persist. Images have surfaced showcasing an unnamed RTX 40-series card adorned with a gold shroud, a trademark feature of the Titan lineup. Should such a card materialize, perhaps this unique cooler will find its way into its design.

In conclusion, the Nvidia prototype graphics card with a hidden fan showcases the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the enthusiast market. While it may not have a clear purpose yet, its impressive cooling capabilities and unique design capture the imagination of technology enthusiasts. Whether it becomes a reality or remains a glimpse into what could have been, the prototype serves as a testament to Nvidia’s commitment to innovation in the ever-evolving world of GPUs.