Ultrahuman Ring Air review Oura Ring killer? | ENBLE

Ultrahuman Ring Air review Oura Ring killer? | ENBLE

Ultrahuman Ring Air: A Comprehensive Review

Wearing a fitness tracker all the time requires it to be comfortable, convenient, and useful. Having worn the Ultrahuman Ring Air smart ring for a month, I can confidently say that it fulfills the first two criteria. However, the third aspect, usefulness, is more complex and will be the primary focus of this review.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Design

The Ultrahuman Ring Air boasts a modern and minimalist design with a no-frills, circular shape and a matte gray color (a polished version is coming soon). While this simplicity works in its favor by not looking flashy, it may lack appeal for those who want to make a statement. The ring’s design also allows for wearing a watch alongside it, offering convenience compared to a smartwatch. Additionally, all the sensors are hidden on the underside, making the ring look like a regular accessory when worn.

Made of titanium with a resin underside, the Ultrahuman Ring Air is comfortable and doesn’t irritate the skin even when worn all day, every day. However, the matte finish is susceptible to scratches when dragged against rough surfaces. The ring’s width and thickness are slightly larger than that of the Oura Ring, but it remains comfortable to wear.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Sensors, Durability, and Battery

Beneath the ring’s hypoallergenic resin underside lies a sensor array that includes an Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor, red, green, and infrared LEDs for heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, a skin temperature sensor, and a six-axis accelerometer for movement tracking. The battery, with a capacity of 24mAh, is hidden within the ring and can be recharged by placing it on the included plinth. The battery typically lasts for around four days, but this may vary depending on usage, especially when tracking workouts. Recharging the ring is conveniently done by placing it on the plinth while showering or getting ready in the morning to avoid the need for frequent full recharges.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air’s titanium case with a tungsten carbide coating ensures durability and scratch resistance. However, it is recommended not to wear the ring when holding other metal objects to protect the finish. With a water resistance of up to 100 meters, the ring is suitable for swimming and daily activities involving water.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Health and Sleep Tracking

The Ultrahuman Ring Air requires more active participation on the user’s part compared to the Oura Ring. Apart from tracking physical activity, the ring’s app also requires input regarding daily food intake and how the user feels throughout the day. The app introduces a unique system called the Phase Response Curve (PRC) to help manage daily routines, exercise timing, light exposure, and more. However, the app’s language and explanations can be dense and confusing, making it less user-friendly and accessible.

The app primarily focuses on light exposure and stimulants, emphasizing the optimization of the user’s circadian rhythm. However, it lacks clear explanations of the terms used, resulting in a less intuitive experience. Despite the abundance of data and graphs, the app’s delivery of information is not particularly user-friendly, and understanding its suggestions and tracking progress can be challenging.

Wearing the Ultrahuman Ring Air during sleep is crucial for the app to provide comprehensive sleep tracking data. The app displays the time spent asleep, sleep stages, and various metrics like heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen, skin temperature, and movement. While the data provides insights into sleep quality, the app’s presentation could be more user-friendly and provide clearer advice on improving sleep.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Mobile App

Given the Ultrahuman Ring Air’s lack of a display, the mobile app becomes a crucial component of the overall experience. The app has proven to be reliable and has not encountered any significant connection issues. However, the design and layout of the app could use some improvement. The primary page displays all the tracked data, and additional options are available at the bottom of the screen. The app’s design feels busy and data-dense, with some sections and advertisements that could be streamlined for a more logical and straightforward user experience.

In comparison to the Oura Ring, which presents clear and easily understandable scores and information, the Ultrahuman app is less friendly and accessible. The Ultrahuman Ring Air is undoubtedly targeting a different audience, but it doesn’t always succeed in providing a polished and user-friendly experience.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Fitness Tracking and Encouragement

The Ultrahuman Ring Air app’s Timeline view compiles all activity data and recommendations based on the user’s circadian phases. The app allows for tracking various activities, including walking, running, and strength training. Comparisons with other fitness tracking devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, show that the Ultrahuman Ring Air provides accurate heart rate data, although calorie burn calculations may differ slightly. The ability to track workouts makes the Ultrahuman Ring Air a viable option for those looking for a comprehensive activity monitoring solution.

The app sends notifications throughout the day, informing users of their current phase, stimulant window, and progress toward their goals. However, the app sets the goals without an option for customization, which can be demotivating if the preset targets are unrealistic. Though the Ultrahuman Ring Air offers a wealth of data, the inability to set personal goals and the sometimes overwhelming presentation of information can be a drawback.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Price, Availability, and Subscriptions

Unlike the Oura Ring, the Ultrahuman Ring Air does not require a subscription to access all its features and data. This distinguishes it from many competitors, including popular smartwatches. The Ultrahuman Ring Air is priced comparably to the Oura Ring, Apple Watch Series 8, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. However, it is more expensive than the Apple Watch SE 2 and Garmin Vivomove Trend. The Ultrahuman Ring Air is available for purchase, but there may be a substantial wait time of four to six weeks after ordering.

The absence of a subscription fee is a significant advantage, particularly in an increasingly subscription-based market. Although the app may not be as polished as the Oura Ring’s app, it receives frequent software updates, demonstrating ongoing support and development.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Is It Helpful?

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is comfortable, convenient, and somewhat useful. However, it lacks the simplicity and user-friendly experience offered by some competitors. The app’s language, customization limitations, and information overload can make it confusing and more complicated to understand. Despite this, the Ultrahuman Ring Air does provide valuable data and insights for those seeking comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: Verdict

While the Ultrahuman Ring Air falls short in comparison to its competitors, it remains a worthwhile investment for individuals seeking a unique and subscription-free smart ring experience. The Ultrahuman Ring Air’s design, comfort, and comprehensive fitness tracking make it an attractive option for those looking to monitor their health and activity levels. However, potential buyers should be aware of the app’s intricate language and complicated system, which might require extra effort to understand and utilize effectively.