UbuntuDDE combines Deepin Desktop with the latest Ubuntu for a beautiful, user-friendly distro.

UbuntuDDE combines Deepin Desktop with the latest Ubuntu for a beautiful, user-friendly distro.

UbuntuDDE: A Beautiful and Trustworthy Linux Distribution


Five years ago, Deepin Linux emerged as one of the most visually stunning desktop environments. However, its software center raised concerns among users due to prompts for potentially untrustworthy software installations. Consequently, Deepin lost its status as one of the top Linux distributions. This lack of trust led to the creation of UbuntuDDE—a spin of Ubuntu that combines the elegance of Deepin with the reliability and security of Ubuntu. UbuntuDDE is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, without any worry of malicious software.

UbuntuDDE, currently based on Ubuntu 23.04, features the Deepin Desktop and its own software store called DDE Store. The system relies on the official Ubuntu repositories, ensuring a safe and trustworthy Linux experience. When you first encounter UbuntuDDE, you might mistake it for a blend of the GNOME and KDE desktop environments. It has the aesthetics of KDE with elements reminiscent of GNOME’s Application Overview. While this combination is not the case, it results in a stunning and intuitive desktop experience.

The UbuntuDDE desktop consists of a split bottom panel. The left side houses a collection of launchers, including the Launcher, Show Desktop, Multitasking View, File Manager, Photo Album, Music Player, Calendar, Control Center, Software Updater, and Trash. The secondary panel serves as the system tray, containing options like keyboard selector, network settings, clock, and power control.

Clicking on the Launcher reveals a menu similar to GNOME’s Application Overview, complete with a search bar. However, if you prefer a more traditional menu, simply click the icon in the upper right corner to switch to the classic menu style, allowing you to sort items alphabetically or by category.

UbuntuDDE ships with various preinstalled software, such as Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, GIMP, Cheese, and more. Additionally, it includes Snap, making it easy to install third-party proprietary software like Spotify and Slack. Alongside these tools, UbuntuDDE includes standard Deepin applications like Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, Deepin Calculator, Deepin Log Viewer, and Deepin Text Editor. This comprehensive software package creates a well-rounded desktop operating system that is both visually appealing and easy to use.

The UbuntuDDE Control Center is thoughtfully designed, with the main window divided into categories for easy navigation. These categories include accounts, display settings, default applications, personalizations, and more.

The only drawback I found with UbuntuDDE was the slower installation speed of applications via Snap. This sluggishness might be attributed to running UbuntuDDE as a virtual machine, as other VMs have not exhibited the same issue. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this was a minor inconvenience in an otherwise exemplary Linux distribution.

Now, let’s answer the question who UbuntuDDE is for. It is a suitable choice for anyone, regardless of their skill level, who wishes to transition from macOS or Windows to an elegant and user-friendly desktop environment. UbuntuDDE provides a reliable and secure platform that can be trusted. Simply download the UbuntuDDE ISO, burn it to a flash drive, and install it on your spare desktop or laptop computer. I am confident you will find UbuntuDDE to be an exceptional replacement for your current operating system.

UbuntuDDE Control Center
  • Installation and Compatibility:
    • Based on Ubuntu 23.04
    • Deepin Desktop Environment
    • DDE Store for software installation
  • Stunning User Interface:
    • Blend of GNOME and KDE aesthetics
    • Split bottom panel with launchers and system tray
    • Application Overview-like launcher with search bar
    • Traditional desktop menu option
  • Preinstalled Software:
    • Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, GIMP, Cheese, etc.
    • Snap for easy installation of third-party proprietary software
    • Standard Deepin tools for multimedia, productivity, and more
  • Intuitive Control Center:
    • Categorized settings for easy navigation
    • Personalization options and default application management
  • Minor Drawback:
    • Sluggishness during Snap installations (possibly VM-related)
  • Ideal for Anyone:
    • Seamless transition for macOS and Windows users
    • Trustworthy and dependable Linux distribution

Give UbuntuDDE a try, and you will discover a remarkable Linux distribution that combines stunning visual aesthetics with user-friendly features and a reliable platform. Embrace the elegance of UbuntuDDE and bid farewell to your current operating system.