Twitch introduces block feature, X removes one

Twitch introduces block feature, X removes one

Embracing Change in the World of Tech: Twitter and Twitch Shake Up Blocking Features

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In the dynamic landscape of technology, changes are a constant. Two prominent names in the tech industry, Twitter and Twitch, have recently made notable alterations to their “block” features. While Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has decided to remove the ability to block individual accounts, Twitch has taken a different path by introducing a new feature that allows streamers to block specific individuals from viewing their streams. These contrasting moves have sparked discussion among users and opened up new possibilities for interaction on these platforms.

Elon Musk, known for his continuous tinkering with various platforms, announced on Friday that Twitter users, or “X” as it is now called, will no longer have the ability to block individual accounts. Musk argued that this feature “makes no sense,” suggesting instead the usage of the mute feature. The mute feature simply removes a user’s posts from your own timeline, while blocking prevents that account from seeing your posts. Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, appeared to support this decision by posting a 100% emoji and advocating for “mute only.”

However, the ability to block individuals from direct messaging will remain intact. This functionality proves useful in cases where users are being harassed, threatened, or stalked. Alternatively, users can set their accounts to private, ensuring that only their followers can view their content. Though this solution offers more control over who sees their posts, it also restricts the potential reach of their messages. The exact timeline for the removal of the blocking feature remains uncertain, as it was still active as of Monday morning. Additionally, it is unclear how this change will affect currently blocked users. Will there be no further blocking, or will previously blocked users suddenly regain the ability to interact with their blockers?

While Twitter elected to remove a blocking feature, Twitch has taken a proactive stance by introducing a new block option for streamers. This feature allows streamers to block specific individuals from viewing their streams, taking the concept of a chat ban a step further. The block option ensures that even troublesome viewers cannot access the stream at all.

The implementation of this new feature on Twitch is expected to occur within the next few weeks. However, blocked users will not default to this new option; streamers will have to manually enable it within their moderation settings. Trevor Fisher, Twitch’s senior project manager, explained in the Patch Notes post that this addition was a response to user requests for a more comprehensive ban feature. He hinted that this could be just the beginning, suggesting the potential for more substantial developments addressing the issue of harassment in the future. Though Twitch does not currently plan to implement IP blocking, which would prevent users from simply switching accounts, the introduction of this new feature demonstrates the platform’s commitment to combating harassment.

In the realm of technology, change is inevitable. Twitter and Twitch have showcased their willingness to adapt and improve their platforms to better serve their users. While Twitter’s removal of the blocking feature may raise concerns for some, the alternative mute feature and retained blocking in direct messaging illustrate the desire to strike a balance between control and interaction. Similarly, Twitch’s introduction of the blocking option for streams reflects the platform’s dedication to creating a safer and more inclusive environment. As these changes take hold, users can look forward to a more refined and tailored experience on both Twitter and Twitch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elon Musk announced that Twitter will no longer have the ability to block individual accounts, favoring the mute feature instead. This change aims to strike a balance between control and interaction on the platform.
  • The ability to block direct messages will remain, providing a useful tool for users who experience harassment or stalking.
  • Twitch has introduced a new block option for streamers, allowing them to prevent specific individuals from viewing their streams. This addition represents a significant step in enhancing streamer control and combating harassment.
  • The new block option on Twitch will not be the default ban setting for streamers.
  • Twitch’s proactive approach to tackling harassment demonstrates its commitment to fostering a safer environment for content creators and viewers.

Sources: ZDNet, Getty Images