TweetDeck is not free anymore.

TweetDeck is not free anymore.

Elon Musk’s XPro: The Evolution of TweetDeck


Elon Musk continues to surprise the Twitterverse with his ever-evolving social media platform, now known as XPro. In a recent announcement, Musk revealed that the once-famed TweetDeck will now be rebranded and offered as a paid service, leaving behind its days of being a free tool for users.

The Birth of XPro

In July, Musk’s company made waves when they teased a “new, improved version of TweetDeck.” Users were given a 30-day notice that they must be verified in order to continue using the service. Verification, in this context, referred to becoming a Blue subscriber. This move left many social media enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming changes.

A Shift Towards Premium Services

As of this week, the change has finally taken place. A simple search for TweetDeck or XPro now leads users directly to a subscription page for Blue, formerly known as Twitter Blue. This sudden pivot has caught many off guard, including social media managers, journalists, and power users, who relied heavily on the tools offered by TweetDeck.

Impact on Social Media Management

TweetDeck has long been hailed as a social media dashboard, providing users with a variety of tools to enhance their Twitter experience. From organizing tweets to managing multiple accounts, TweetDeck was a go-to resource for many professionals in the field. Not to mention, its ability to access vital engagement and real-time statistics made it an indispensable tool in the world of digital marketing.

TweetDeck Dashboard

The Future of XPro

With the rebranding of TweetDeck to XPro, it becomes clear that Elon Musk is determined to take social media management to new heights. While the move to a paid service may have disappointed some users, it also signals a commitment to enhancing and expanding the platform’s capabilities.

As we enter this new era of XPro, we can expect further innovations and improvements to meet the demands of its growing user base. Musk has a proven track record of pushing boundaries and never settling for the status quo. This evolution may be the first step towards a truly disruptive social media experience.


Elon Musk’s decision to transform TweetDeck into XPro and make it a paid service is a significant shift in the social media landscape. It challenges users to rethink their expectations and embrace the idea of a more robust and feature-rich platform.

While the change may pose challenges for social media professionals and power users, it also presents exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. As the dust settles on this rebranding, it will be fascinating to witness how XPro evolves and shapes the future of social media management.