Treefera, a carbon offset data startup, raises €2M to use AI for forest mapping.

Treefera, a carbon offset data startup, raises €2M to use AI for forest mapping.

Treefera: Revolutionizing the Carbon Offset Industry with AI

Treefera Platform

Treefera, a tech startup founded in 2022 by Jonathan Horn and Caroline Grey, aims to bring a significant change to the carbon offset industry. With a recent €2mn seed funding round led by Concept Ventures and the participation of the CTO of Intel, among others, Treefera is determined to transform the accuracy, transparency, and efficiency of carbon offsetting by leveraging the power of AI and data from a trillion trees across the globe.

Voluntary offsetting, although criticized by some, has become a significant part of the strategy for many companies striving for net-zero carbon emissions. In 2021, the carbon offsetting market was worth nearly $2 billion, and experts predict it could grow to as much as $40 billion by the end of the decade, reaching a staggering $250 billion by 2050. However, the credibility and trustworthiness of carbon offsetting have been called into question.

Not all carbon credits are equal, and the cheaper ones are often ineffective in reducing carbon emissions. A recent study published in the journal Science revealed that out of a potential 89 million offset credits, only 5.4 million (6%) were linked to significant carbon reductions through preserved forests. The majority of these credits originated from projects that showed minimal impact on deforestation.

Treefera’s AI-driven platform has the potential to address these concerns and revolutionize the industry. By leveraging advanced deep learning models and novel AI search techniques, Treefera measures, monitors, and verifies carbon credits through a practice known as MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification). With a comprehensive global map of a trillion trees, including registered forest projects and jurisdictions, Treefera claims to have an unparalleled repository of data.

The platform utilizes this extensive data to determine the accuracy and appropriate pricing of carbon credits. It takes into account critical factors such as tree health, carbon sequestration, and potential risks like fire, flood, and drought. By analyzing and evaluating these data points, Treefera ensures that its carbon credits provide real and substantial environmental benefits.

Jonathan Horn, the co-founder of Treefera, expressed his confidence in the transformative power of their AI tool. He stated, “Our platform enables instant analysis and insights of carbon offset projects and critically allows easy integration of that trusted data into our clients’ analytics environment through an API.” With the raised capital from the seed funding, Treefera plans to enhance the capabilities of its platform, expand its team, and broaden its global market presence.

Treefera’s mission to revolutionize the carbon offset industry with AI and data from a trillion trees represents a significant step towards achieving more accurate, transparent, and efficient carbon offsetting practices. By addressing the concerns associated with carbon credits and leveraging advanced technology, Treefera brings hope for a greener and more sustainable future.

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