Top US College Towns for Mobile Gaming, Ranked by Ookla

Top US College Towns for Mobile Gaming, Ranked by Ookla

The Top College Towns for Mobile Gaming in the US

As the academic year kicks off for many American schools, students are not only focusing on their studies but also on their mobile gaming experience. Mobile speed-tracking company Ookla recently released a list of the top college towns in the US ranked by how good they are for mobile gaming. This playful ranking takes into account aspects such as download and upload speed, latency, and overall mobile connectivity quality.

Of the 100 cities considered as major college towns across the US, the top 10 for mobile gaming were mostly located in Maryland, Michigan, and California. These states seem to have struck a perfect balance between excellent internet connectivity and thriving gaming communities. So, if you’re a student looking for a college town that offers a fantastic mobile gaming experience, these states should be at the top of your list.

According to Ookla, the best college towns for mobile gaming are:

  1. Berkeley, California
  2. Isla Vista, California
  3. Palo Alto, California
  4. Dover, Delaware
  5. College Park, Maryland
  6. Annapolis, Maryland
  7. East Lansing, Michigan
  8. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  9. State College, Pennsylvania
  10. Providence, Rhode Island

However, there are plenty of other towns across the US that offer great mobile gaming experiences just below the top 10. Places like Tempe, Arizona; Boulder, Colorado; and Alpharetta, Georgia are also worth considering. Ookla also ranked the game scores of towns with colleges that had notable esports programs. Unsurprisingly, Berkeley, California, home to the University of California, ranked the highest, followed by Irvine, California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Why do these college towns excel in providing an exceptional mobile gaming experience? One possible explanation is that esports programs in these towns primarily focus on desktop games and have not yet invested as heavily in mobile gaming. It’s clear that mobile gaming presents a unique challenge in terms of optimizing connectivity and ensuring minimal lag, which is crucial for online gameplay and maintaining a successful kill streak.

Ookla’s game score is a proprietary metric with limited details available in their blog post. While we eagerly await a more detailed explanation from Ookla, this ranking could serve as a potential indicator of mobile speeds and connectivity quality in cities across the US. It is important to note that this report only considers college towns, so we can’t use the metric to compare mobile gaming quality in larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Chicago. However, for students settling into their new college lives, this ranking provides valuable insights into the smartphone gaming experience they can expect between classes.

In conclusion, for college students who are avid mobile gamers, choosing a college town that supports their gaming interests is increasingly important. With the rise of online multiplayer games, ensuring a seamless mobile gaming experience enhances both their leisure time and competitiveness. So, if you’re looking to balance serious academics with some light-hearted gaming, consider choosing a college town from Ookla’s top 10 list or explore the other notable towns in states like Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia. Happy gaming!

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