Top True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Ear Hooks for 2023

Top True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Ear Hooks for 2023

The Best True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Ear Hooks: A Comprehensive Analysis

With the increasing popularity of sports and fitness activities, there is a growing demand for true wireless earbuds specifically designed for sports enthusiasts. In recent months, several new models with ear hooks have hit the market, providing an extra level of security and preventing earbuds from falling off during high-intensity activities. In this article, we will explore some of the best true wireless sports earbuds with ear hooks, providing an in-depth analysis of their features, pros, and cons.

The Standouts: Shokz OpenFit and Cleer Audio Arc 2 Sport

While it’s difficult to name a single model as the best overall, there are a few that stand out from the rest. The Shokz OpenFit and Cleer Audio Arc 2 Sport earbuds have garnered positive reviews and are highly regarded in the market. Both models offer an around-the-ear design that keeps the earbuds securely in place, making them ideal for activities like running and biking where head movements can cause traditional earbuds to slip out.

Shokz OpenFit: Comfort and Unique Design

Shokz, formerly known as AfterShokz, has been a leader in bone-conduction headphones. However, their new OpenFit model takes a different approach, utilizing an open design that fires sound into the ears using custom speaker drivers. With a lightweight and comfortable design, the Shokz OpenFit earbuds feature a Dolphin Arc ear hook that provides a pliable fit. Although they may not have the same sound quality as Cleer’s Arc 2 Open Ear Sport earbuds, the Shokz OpenFit earbuds offer excellent comfort and sound, making them an attractive option for sports enthusiasts.

Pros: – Lightweight and very comfortable – Excellent design – Sound quite good for open earbuds – Good call quality

Cons: – Pricey – No multipoint Bluetooth – Touch controls could be better

Cleer Audio Arc 2 Sport: Improved Sound and Features

Cleer Audio’s Arc 2 Sport earbuds have enhanced the sound quality and features of their previous models. With an improved design and smaller charging case, these earbuds offer better comfort and portability. They support Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless format, providing high-quality audio for compatible devices. The Arc 2 Sport earbuds also feature a six-axis motion sensor for controlling the buds with head gestures, adding a unique and convenient functionality.

Pros: – Improved design with smaller charging case – Very good sound for open earbuds – Good battery life and support for aptX Lossless – Option to control buds with head gestures

Cons: – Pricey – Lack a bit of oomph to their bass – Voice-calling performance is decent but not great

Soundcore by Anker Sport X10: Affordable and Reliable

For those looking for a more affordable option, the Soundcore Sport X10 earbuds provide excellent value. These earbuds feature a rotating swiveling ear hook design, ensuring a secure fit during intense workouts. With powerful bass, good detail, and active noise canceling, the Soundcore Sport X10 offers an immersive audio experience. Additionally, they are fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating, providing added durability and protection against water damage.

Pros: – Swiveling ear hooks for a more secure fit – Smaller charging case than other earbuds with this design – Good sound and battery life – Fully waterproof

Cons: – Noise-canceling performance is average – Some people may not be able to get a tight seal

JBL Endurance Peak 3: Affordable Alternative to Powerbeats Pro

JBL has upgraded its ear-hook style sport earbuds with the Endurance Peak 3. These earbuds offer better battery life, improved voice-calling performance, and an IP68 rating for full water- and dust-proofing. With an Ambient Aware transparency mode and Talk Thru mode, you can conveniently lower the music volume and have conversations without removing the buds. The JBL Endurance Peak 3 earbuds provide a secure fit and deliver powerful bass, making them a great alternative to the popular Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Pros: – Improved battery life (up to 10 hours) – Improved voice-calling performance – Good sound quality if you get a tight seal – Fully waterproof

Cons: – Case is fairly large – Some people may not be able to get a tight seal

The Beats Powerbeats Pro earbuds have been on the market for a few years but remain popular among sports enthusiasts. With the Apple H1 chip, these earbuds offer seamless integration with Apple devices. While the jumbo charging case is a drawback, the Powerbeats Pro provide better sound quality compared to Apple’s AirPods 2. These earbuds offer a durable design, good battery life, and are splash-proof with an IPX4 rating.

Pros: – Durable design – Equipped with Apple’s H1 chip – Good sound quality if you get a tight seal – Good battery life

Cons: – Case is fairly large – Some people may not be able to get a tight seal – Released in 2019

Skullcandy Push Active: Voice Commands and Great Fit

Skullcandy’s Push Active earbuds feature a voice-driven platform called Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology, allowing users to issue hands-free voice commands by simply saying “Hey, Skullcandy.” With an ear-hook design similar to the Powerbeats Pro, these earbuds fit securely and comfortably. They offer Bluetooth 5.2, IP55 splash resistance, built-in Tile Finding Technology, and up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Pros: – Affordable – Good sound quality if you get a tight seal – Control with Skullcandy’s voice technology – Built-in Tile Finding Technology

Cons: – Case is a little large – Some people may not be able to get a tight seal

Tribit MoveBuds H1: Durable and Long Battery Life

Although the Tribit MoveBuds H1 earbuds may not offer the same sound quality as competing models, they boast impressive durability and battery life. With an IPX8 rating, these earbuds are fully waterproof and can be fully submerged for long periods of time. They also support Qualcomm’s aptX audio codec, providing enhanced audio quality for Android devices.

Pros: – Durable design – Very long battery life – Support for aptX audio codec for Android devices – Fully waterproof

Cons: – Case is a little large – Sound quality isn’t quite as good as competing models

How We Test True Wireless Earbuds

In our evaluations, we consider five key criteria when testing true wireless earbuds:

  1. Design: We assess comfort, build quality, controls, and water- and dust-resistance ratings.
  2. Sound quality: We evaluate bass definition, clarity, dynamic range, and natural sound.
  3. Features: We consider noise-canceling, ambient sound modes, special sound modes, and ear-detection sensors.
  4. Voice-calling performance: We test call quality and noise reduction capabilities in real-world environments.
  5. Value: We compare the strength of the earbuds against all criteria and their performance relative to competing models.

By analyzing these criteria, we can provide an accurate assessment of the best true wireless sports earbuds with ear hooks on the market.

As the market continues to evolve, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and budget when choosing the right earbuds for your sports and fitness activities. Whether you prioritize sound quality, comfort, or specific features, there are plenty of options available to cater to your needs.