Top picks for WordPress hosting for companies

Top picks for WordPress hosting for companies

The World of WordPress Hosting: Finding the Perfect Provider


If you’re using a content management system (CMS) to manage your website, there’s a very good chance you’re using WordPress. According to W3Techs, 64.6% of all websites using content management are using WordPress. In fact, 40.8% of all websites on the planet run WordPress. These statistics highlight the popularity and widespread use of this powerful tool.

Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

When it comes to running WordPress on your site, you’ll need a reliable server to host it. While many hosting providers offer WordPress as an option, not all of them specialize in providing the best WordPress support. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top WordPress hosting providers and their unique offerings.

Understanding the WordPress Ecosystem

Before diving into the list, let’s take a moment to understand the different facets of the WordPress ecosystem. There’s the WordPress software, an open-source content management system. Then, there’s the WordPress Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the licensing and trademark of WordPress. Furthermore, there’s, the central repository for WordPress information and resources.

Additionally, there’s Automattic, the commercial company founded by WordPress’ original developer, Matt Mullenweg. Automattic is also the owner of popular blogging platform Tumblr. And finally,, owned by Automattic, is one of the largest hosting providers for WordPress websites, offering a range of hosting plans.

Enterprise-level WordPress Hosting

For top-tier web presences, there are hosting providers that specialize in meeting the unique requirements of high traffic, demanding technical support, scalability, and responsiveness. Pagely, with blue-chip customers such as Disney and Time, Inc., offers managed WordPress hosting of the highest quality. The company’s support team goes above and beyond, providing excellent service.

Another top-tier provider is WordPress VIP, offered by Automattic. This enterprise-level service provides infrastructure, operations, and security at scale. With high-profile clients like CNN and Microsoft, WordPress VIP delivers a concierge experience and unmatched power.

Pantheon, while also serving high-end customers, takes a different approach. It focuses on hosting management for in-house use, working closely with organizations like UC Berkeley to provide a framework for self-hosting.

Pagely: Blue Chip Managed WordPress Hosting


Pagely is known for its blue-chip clientele, including Disney, Time, Inc., Comcast, and Visa. With a strong track record and senior-level support, Pagely is a reliable choice. Though the company’s plans are relatively expensive, they offer exceptional service and compatibility. Hosting on the AWS infrastructure ensures peace of mind regarding maintenance and reliability.

Starting with Pagely is clouding judgment, as their incredible service and support make it the go-to recommendation. The experience of hosting three main sites with them has been excellent.

WordPress VIP: Uber-managed WordPress by the WordPress Folks


Automattic’s WordPress VIP is designed for enterprise customers seeking top-tier, managed WordPress hosting. With an extensive list of high-profile clients, WordPress VIP provides infrastructure, operations, and security at scale. The pricing for this level of service may be prohibitive for some.

Pantheon: Instead of DevOps, Think WebOps


Pantheon offers a unique approach to website management, combining development and deployment. By incorporating staging sites, version control, and integrated backup into their hosting packages, Pantheon simplifies the deployment process. The company also partners with schools and institutions, providing managed operations for websites.

Hosting for Medium-sized Sites

For medium-sized businesses, agencies, and developers, there are hosting providers that cater to their specific needs. These providers offer a comfortable balance between managed hosting and customization options.

WP Engine: SMB Hosting That Understands the Client/Agency Relationship

WP Engine

WP Engine stands out for its scalability and “transferable installs” feature. It allows a seamless transfer of a full site from a web development agency to a client’s account. This feature eliminates potential issues and streamlines the development process. WP Engine’s acquisition of the Flywheel hosting service further strengthens its offerings.

Liquid Web: Managed WordPress Hosting With Full Access

Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides managed hosting with a focus on WordPress. With their recent acquisition of renowned WordPress developer iThemes, Liquid Web combines managed hosting with the flexibility of dedicated IaaS services. Phone and ticket-based support, along with fast response times, ensure a smooth experience. Liquid Web also specializes in WooCommerce hosting.

Kinsta: Modern, Cloud-centric Linux Containers for Every Website


Kinsta, built on the Linux Containers project, operates entirely on the Google Cloud platform. Each WordPress site gets its own isolated container, ensuring top-notch performance and security. Kinsta specializes in optimizing WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, making it an ideal choice for online stores.

Convesio: Docker-based WordPress Hosting


Convesio is a unique service that offers autoscaling and self-healing capabilities. Designed as a platform-as-a-service for WordPress websites, Convesio focuses on providing performance and ease of use. With automation tools and a user-friendly experience, Convesio aims to make WordPress hosting hassle-free.

Hosting for Serious Small Companies and Individuals

For smaller organizations and individuals looking to build their own WordPress sites, there are hosting providers that offer reliable services tailored to their needs. These providers offer a step up from basic hosting options.

Namecheap’s EasyWP: Managed Hosting with Rapid Website Deployment


Namecheap, a well-established domain registrar, offers managed WordPress hosting through their EasyWP service. Delivering a seamless experience, EasyWP simplifies the difficulties often associated with hosting. With a focus on making hosting invisible, Namecheap provides a user-friendly solution.

GoDaddy: Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink


GoDaddy, known for its wide range of services, offers WordPress hosting with enhanced offerings. The company has made strategic acquisitions, including ManageWP, Sucuri, and WP Curve, to enhance their WordPress capabilities. Despite the occasional price increase upon renewal, GoDaddy’s comprehensive services and investment in WordPress make it a notable provider. Bizarro-world WordPress Hosting by the Folks Who Make It

Automattic, operated by Automattic, is a hugely popular hosting service offering a range of plans. However, the interface provided by differs significantly from the open-source WordPress software. While the infrastructure is reliable, users familiar with open-source WordPress may need to adjust to the different interface.

Bare Virtual Metal Providers

For those who prefer complete control over server settings and have expertise in server management, there are Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers that offer virtual machines specifically designed for WordPress.

Digital Ocean: Raw Virtual Hardware that Scales On-Demand

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean provides cloud-based infrastructure suitable for users comfortable with server administration. It offers flexibility and scalability, allowing users to create and manage virtual machines to suit their needs. With straightforward configurations and cost-effective plans, Digital Ocean is an excellent choice for developers.

AWS Lightsail: Amazon’s Answer to Digital Ocean


AWS Lightsail, Amazon’s offering similar to Digital Ocean, simplifies the process of deploying virtual machines on the AWS platform. With pre-built WordPress stacks and easy-to-use configuration screens, Lightsail reduces the complexity typically associated with deploying in the cloud. AWS users can seamlessly incorporate Lightsail into their existing infrastructure.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

Choosing the right WordPress hosting provider depends on several factors, such as the number of sites you operate, expected traffic, support requirements, comfort with server administration, and budget. Enterprise-level providers like Pagely and WordPress VIP are suitable for top-tier websites. WP Engine, Liquid Web, Kinsta, and Convesio cater to medium-sized businesses, agencies, and developers. Namecheap’s EasyWP, GoDaddy, and are ideal for smaller organizations and individuals. Digital Ocean and AWS Lightsail are perfect for those who prefer bare virtual metal.

Consider testing providers with free trials to assess their performance, support, and user experience. Each provider in this list offers quality services, so finding the best fit for your needs is essential.

Remember, choosing the right hosting provider can significantly impact the success of your WordPress site, so take the time to evaluate your options.

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