Top iPhone 14 Camera Accessories

Top iPhone 14 Camera Accessories

Elevate Your iPhone Photography with These Must-Have Accessories

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage #### SmallRig Mobile Video Cage: Top-notch cage mount – $43 at SmallRig – $110 at B&H Photo-Video

Moment Anamorphic lens #### Moment Anamorphic lens: Excellent add-on lens for iPhone – $110 at B&H Photo-Video – $90 at Amazon

Aputure MC LED video light #### Aputure MC LED video light: Powerful lighting on a budget – $90 at Amazon – $131 at B&H Photo-Video

DJI Om 5 gimbal #### DJI Om 5 gimbal: Like a Steadicam for your iPhone – $131 at B&H Photo-Video – $42 at Amazon

Rode VideoMicro microphone #### Rode VideoMicro microphone: Excellent external mic – $42 at Amazon

Profoto B10 #### Profoto B10: Pro-level flash for iPhone – $1,995 at B&H – $43 at Moment

Moment MagSafe tripod #### Moment MagSafe tripod: Magnetic ease of use – $43 at Moment – $100 at PolarPro

PolarPro Apex Minimalist tripod #### PolarPro Apex Minimalist tripod: Our favorite iPhone tripod (Update: Out of stock) – $100 at PolarPro

Older camera phones were once seen as novelties, only capable of producing grainy selfies. However, the latest models, such as the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, have completely changed the game, offering features and quality that rival professional-level cameras. These smartphones come equipped with multiple rear cameras, including an ultrawide-angle lens, producing stunning photos right from your phone.

With the addition of ProRes, you can capture incredible shots that are easily editable in professional apps like Adobe Lightroom. While you can capture beautiful footage with just your iPhone, there is a vast range of accessories available that can take your videos and photos to new heights.

Let’s explore the best gear to pair with your iPhone and enhance your shots. We have personally tested every accessory on this list to ensure its effectiveness. Whether you are a professional or just starting, these iPhone filming accessories will make shooting a breeze. Additionally, most of these accessories work just as well with other top Android camera phones, such as the Google Pixel 7 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Best iPhone 14 Camera Accessories

There is no one-size-fits-all accessory that will revolutionize your iPhone photography. Each product brings something unique to the table. For a stunning cinematic look, the Moment Anamorphic lens is a must-have, providing a wider aspect ratio and distinctive lens flares for a more filmic quality.

If stability is your priority, DJI’s Om 5 gimbal offers superb stabilization, allowing you to capture smooth and professional-looking footage even on the move. And when it comes to achieving the perfect lighting, the Aputure MC LED video light is a budget-friendly choice, providing powerful lighting in any situation.

But what about audio? For crystal-clear sound, the Rode VideoMicro shotgun microphone is essential. It plugs into your phone’s Lightning port and significantly improves audio quality when recording videos.

If you’re ready to take your smartphone photography to the next level, the Profoto B10 is a pro-level flash that delivers unparalleled lighting. While its price tag may be steep, it offers studio-quality lighting for both iPhones and DSLRs.

Convenience is key, which is why Moment’s MagSafe tripod is a game-changer. Instead of dealing with screw clamps, this tripod uses Apple’s MagSafe system, allowing you to quickly attach and detach your phone with ease. And if stability is your priority, the PolarPro Apex Minimalist tripod is compact yet powerful, providing wobble-free video.

We have tested all these accessories in real-world scenarios, both indoors and outdoors, to ensure their performance and value for money. If they didn’t impress us, they didn’t make the list. So, rest assured that these accessories have been tried and tested to enhance your iPhone photography.

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So, whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an avid iPhone photographer, these top-notch accessories are sure to elevate your mobile photography to new heights. Don’t settle for average photos and videos when you can unleash your creative potential with the right tools. Invest in these must-have accessories and capture moments that will leave a lasting impression.