Threads’ update introduces several new features | ENBLE

Threads' update introduces several new features | ENBLE

Threads Update: A Steady Stream of Improvements

Threads, the new Twitter-like app from Meta, had an impressive start earlier this month with approximately 100 million people signing up to check it out. While user engagement may have dipped since then, the Instagram team behind the app understands that building a loyal following takes time.

To increase its chances of success, the Threads team is focused on rolling out a steady stream of updates to improve the app and make it more appealing to users. Cameron Roth, a developer on the Threads team, introduced the first notable update on Tuesday.


Exciting New Features

The latest update brings several new features, currently only available for iOS users. One of the highlights is the introduction of translations for posts in foreign languages. This feature will enable users to connect with a wider audience and bridge linguistic barriers.

Another significant addition is the “follows” tab, which allows users to see a list of people following their account. While it may not function like Twitter’s “following” tab, which displays posts from the accounts users follow in chronological order, it does provide users with a way to track activity around their posts. Filters for quotes and reposts make it easier to focus on specific interactions.

Additionally, Threads now offers a subscription option for users whom you may not want to follow but still want to receive notifications whenever they post.

Enhanced User Experience

Cameron Roth assured users that the updated version of the app should load faster and function more smoothly than before, promising a more enjoyable user experience. These improvements aim to address any previous performance hiccups and make Threads a seamless platform for connecting with peers.

To access the latest features, users need to update the app. Roth confirmed that the update is being rolled out to Threads users throughout the day. If the new features do not appear, restarting the app may resolve the issue.

Future Updates and Missing Features

While this update brings exciting additions, some notable features are still missing. One such feature is a chronological feed, which is highly desirable for users who want to view posts in the order they were published. Additionally, hashtags for easy searches and the ability to send direct messages are also absent from Threads. However, Roth hinted that the team is actively working on these features, suggesting that they may appear in future updates.

The Power of Integration and User Demand

Threads gained popularity initially due to its close integration with Instagram. This seamless integration allows for instant community-building by leveraging existing Instagram accounts. The recent disruptions experienced by Twitter, following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company in October, have left many frustrated users searching for alternative social media platforms.

With its Twitter-like functionality, Threads aims to attract those seeking a different social media experience. While it’s too early to determine if Threads will become the go-to alternative, the app’s early popularity suggests it has the potential to carve out a space in the social media landscape.

Overall, the Threads team’s commitment to delivering regular updates and enhancing the user experience demonstrates their dedication to refining the app and attracting a dedicated following. As more features and improvements are introduced, the future of Threads looks promising as a platform for connecting and engaging with like-minded individuals.

So, keep an eye out for upcoming updates and prepare to immerse yourself in the evolving world of Threads!