Threads The New Hangout for Brands

Threads The New Hangout for Brands

Olipop and Threads: A Refreshingly Conversational Approach to Social Media


When prebiotic soda brand Olipop joined Threads, it didn’t just promote its flavors or nutritional benefits. Instead, it took a casual, conversational, and unfiltered approach to engage with its audience. The social media team at Olipop posted about relevant cultural moments and struck a chord with millions of users who have joined Threads since its launch on July 5. As a result, Olipop now boasts an impressive following of 20,000 on Threads. This approach speaks to the changing landscape of social media, where brands that read the room and speak the language of the platform are likely to experience long-term success.

Threads offers a refreshing change from the snark and cynicism that have become synonymous with platforms like Twitter. It fosters a friendly and trendy internet slang-filled environment, coupled with self-promotion and brand-on-brand chatter. This contrasts with the toxicity and hate speech that have plagued other social media platforms, leaving both users and advertisers feeling jaded. Threads provides a relief from these negative aspects, creating a more positive and welcoming space for engagement.

One of the distinct aspects of Threads is its unconventional growth strategy. Unlike most social networks that grow organically through user adoption, Threads launched with a plethora of brands and influencers already onboard. This unique approach has given the platform a somewhat peculiar vibe. Early adopters were greeted by a feed populated by big names like Netflix, Spotify, and other well-known brands. Surprisingly, despite having fewer followers on Threads, these brand accounts are experiencing higher levels of engagement compared to Twitter. This phenomenon highlights the allure of Threads to both brands and their audience.

The influx of brands joining Threads is not driven by the quest for a Twitter alternative but rather by the desire to follow the gaze of consumer eyeballs. Brands recognize the importance of being present where their audience is, and if that happens to be on Threads, they want to be there too. The platform has become a new frontier, offering opportunities for brands to engage with their target market in a unique and refreshing way.

In the early days of Threads, brands, celebrities, and influencers used the platform to do mic checks and experiment with their content. Pizza Hut, for example, posted and swiftly deleted a thread containing a sexually explicit meme about pizza crust, showcasing the learning curve that brands face in adapting to this new platform. But along with some missteps, there have been successes. Wendy’s, known for its humorous and snarky Twitter presence, amassed an impressive following on Threads by leveraging their existing meme-heavy approach.

While brands are trying to navigate the terrain successfully, it is crucial for Threads to offer users a more sophisticated search tool, hashtags, and a chronological feed to fulfill its vision of being a platform for real-time updates and public conversations. Without these essential features, the platform might struggle to retain its users and keep them coming back.

Although Threads does not currently feature advertisements, it has the potential to become an attractive destination for advertising dollars. With Twitter experiencing a 50% decrease in ad revenue attributed to hate speech and tech glitches, brands are seeking alternative platforms that offer a more brand-friendly environment. Threads could fill this void, but it faces the challenge of maintaining user interest. If the platform loses its people, it risks losing its appeal to advertisers as well.

For influencers, Threads offers another channel to engage with their followers. With the promise of a different user base migrating from platforms like Instagram, influencers are testing out different strategies to captivate their audience on Threads. Nevertheless, the lack of emphasis on visual content may lead to changes in influencer posting habits or create opportunities for new content creators to rise to the top.

Despite the initial hype surrounding Threads, analytics suggest a decline in traffic and average time spent on the app. However, it still holds the top spot for social networks on the Apple App Store and is in second place for social on Google Play. As the dust settles after its launch, Threads faces challenges in striking the right balance between brands, influencers, and everyday users. It must avoid becoming a mere broadcast channel and instead maintain its conversational and engaging environment. The true test lies in allowing users to connect with their friends and family easily, while ensuring brands and influencers don’t overshadow the platform’s original purpose.

The journey ahead for Threads is undoubtedly challenging, but with the right balance of content and user experience, it has the potential to carve out its niche in the social media landscape. As brands and influencers redefine Threads, it will be exciting to see what this platform becomes and how it continues to evolve.