Threads app receives update allowing users to view liked posts.

Threads app receives update allowing users to view liked posts.

Introducing Threads: The Latest Platform from Meta’s Instagram Team

Threads, the innovative platform from Meta’s Instagram team, has been making waves in the social media world. With its rapid growth and continued updates, it’s becoming a strong competitor to the now-rebranded Twitter. Despite a slight decline in daily usage, Threads has managed to add around 19 million new users in recent weeks. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, has promised more updates in the coming weeks, including search capabilities and a web version of the app.

One of the latest features rolled out by Threads is the ability for users to see which posts they have liked. This addition addresses the concern that liked posts may disappear into the void, giving users more control and a similar experience to Twitter. Other recent upgrades to the platform include the “Following” tab, which allows users to see threads from the people they follow in chronological order. Previously, users could only see posts recommended to them on the “For You” page.

Joining Threads is a straightforward process. All you need to do is sign in with your Instagram credentials, and you’ll retain your username, followers, and verification status. This simplicity has contributed to the platform’s rising popularity, especially among users who are becoming dissatisfied with the changes and controversies surrounding Twitter. As more users look for alternatives, Threads offers a unique experience with its ability to post text, videos, and photos, and engage in real-time conversations.

So, what exactly is Threads? Created by Meta’s Instagram team, Threads allows users to publish short posts or updates of up to 500 characters. You can include links, photos, or videos up to five minutes long. The app is linked to your Instagram account, allowing easy sharing to your Instagram story or other platforms. Your feed on Threads consists of posts from people and accounts you follow on Instagram or Threads, as well as recommendations for undiscovered content. The platform also offers the ability to filter specific words from your feed and restrict who can mention you.

Downloading Threads is simple, with the app available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. However, its release in the European Union has been delayed due to data-sharing concerns between Instagram and Threads. Meta is also blocking attempts by people in the EU to access Threads using a VPN.

Interested in signing up? Here’s a step-by-step guide. First, download the Threads application and select the Instagram profile you want to create a Threads account for. Next, add your name, bio, and any links you want to display on your Threads profile. You can also import this information from your Instagram profile. Finally, choose to follow the same accounts on Threads as you do on Instagram, either individually or with a single tap to follow all accounts.

Once you’ve joined Threads, navigating the platform is simple. The user interface features a navigation bar at the bottom, consisting of tabs for Home, Search, New Thread, Activity, and Profile. The Home tab is where your timeline lives, featuring posts from users you follow as well as recommended threads. The Search tab allows you to discover new profiles and search for specific accounts. The New Thread tab is where you can create your own posts, while the Activity tab shows recent interactions, following, and follower updates. Finally, the Profile tab displays your Threads profile, where you can view and edit your information.

For those curious about privacy and settings, Threads allows users to configure notifications, privacy, and account preferences. In the privacy settings, you can make your profile private and customize who can mention you and what offensive words or phrases are hidden. Additional settings, such as account deactivation and two-factor authentication, are available for both Threads and Instagram.

One concern raised by users is the inability to delete Threads accounts without also deleting their Instagram account. Meta has acknowledged this issue and is exploring ways to allow users to delete their Threads account separately. In terms of upcoming features, Meta has hinted at improvements such as improved search, hashtags, messaging capabilities, and multi-account options.

Despite the success of Threads, Meta faces competition from other Twitter alternatives such as Bluesky, Mastodon, and Hive. Forrester analyst Mike Proulx acknowledges the potential of Threads but points to Meta’s history of shaky launches with apps like Slingshot and IGTV. The challenge posed by these alternatives, along with recent legal threats from Twitter claiming Meta stole trade secrets, indicates the intensity of the rivalry.

Threads is a promising and evolving social media platform that offers a fresh experience for users. As Meta continues to roll out updates and listen to user feedback, Threads has the potential to reach greater heights and establish itself as a robust competitor in the social media landscape.

Image Source: Meta