Threads allows web users to quote posts.

Threads allows web users to quote posts.

Meta’s Threads Gets an Upgrade with Quoting Feature on Desktop


In an effort to make its social networking service more user-friendly, Meta has introduced a new feature on its platform, Threads. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently made the announcement that users can now quote other people’s posts on the desktop version of Threads. This feature allows users to repost someone else’s thread while adding their own commentary, similar to the concept of retweeting in a pre-X world.

When Threads first launched for the web in August, it was met with mixed reviews due to its lack of some important features. However, Meta is actively working to address user feedback and improve the overall experience. The addition of the quoting feature demonstrates Meta’s commitment to making Threads more robust and appealing to users.

To quote a post on Threads, users simply need to click on the familiar repost icon located at the bottom of a post. From there, they can select the “Quote” option and seamlessly share someone else’s thread while adding their own thoughts. This feature gives users the flexibility to engage in conversations in a more interactive and engaging way.

In addition to the quoting feature, Meta has also introduced another update that allows users to follow responses to a specific thread on mobile. By turning on notifications for 24 hours, users can stay updated with the ongoing discussions and never miss a beat. To enable this feature, users can simply tap on the bell icon located at the top-right corner of a post.

Meta’s release of Threads initially lacked some key functionalities, leaving many users dissatisfied. The company’s decision to roll out the quoting feature signifies its responsiveness to user demands. With the addition of features like keyword search and content discovery, Meta is determined to make Threads a more user-friendly platform.

It’s important for Meta to continually add these desired features to regain the attention of users who may have lost interest in the social network. By listening to user feedback and implementing updates that enhance the user experience, Meta is demonstrating its commitment to improvement.

Meta’s Threads is evolving into a more comprehensive and engaging platform, catering to the needs of its users. The ability to quote posts on desktop and follow specific thread responses on mobile showcases Meta’s dedication to creating a vibrant social network. As Threads continues to grow and evolve, users can expect further enhancements to make their social media experience even more enjoyable and interactive.