This USB-C charger powers and looks good for four devices.

This USB-C charger powers and looks good for four devices.

The Satechi 4-port 165W USB-C Charger: A Modern Powerhouse

Solid plastic construction

Looking for a charger that’s designed to deal with the modern USB-C workloads that we demand? A charger that can handle everything from a laptop to earbuds? And a charger that’s equally at home charging four devices as it is charging a single device?

Take a look at the Satechi 4-port 165W USB-C charger.

Based on next-generation Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology (which offers greater power efficiencies over older silicon technology), this four-port USB-C charger can dish out a total of 165W in a number of combinations: 100W, 100W/60W, 60W/60W/45W, or 100W/30W/30W, 60W/45W/30W/30W.

Power at Its Best

I’ve tested the output capabilities of this charger, and it totally lives up to the specs offered by Satechi. The 100W output is perfect for laptops, including modern laptops such as Apple’s M1 and M2 MacBooks. The four ports reduce desktop clutter by allowing you to replace a bunch of separate chargers with this single unit.

One of the standout features of this charger is its reliance on GaN technology. This technology not only provides greater power efficiency but also ensures that the charger doesn’t get hot, even when pushing heavy loads through it. Unlike older USB-C chargers based on silicon technology, you won’t have to worry about overheating with the Satechi 4-port 165W USB-C charger.

Aesthetics and Convenience

Built into a solid plastic shell and featuring a blue indicator LED on the front, this mains-powered charger is perfect for the kinds of workloads you might face in 2022. There’s even a little plastic stand to keep the charger upright on your desktop. It’s a nice touch that adds to the overall convenience and simplicity of this charger.

About the only thing I don’t like about this charger is the blue LED on the front. While it’s nice to be able to tell if the charger is plugged in and on, I wish the LED was more subtle or there was a way of turning it off completely. This would make it more suitable for bedside use. However, this minor flaw hardly detracts from the overall performance and quality of the charger.

Perfect for decluttering your desk


If you’re in search of a powerful, versatile charger that can handle all your USB-C devices, the Satechi 4-port 165W USB-C charger is an excellent choice. Its GaN technology ensures efficient power delivery, it’s built with quality materials, and it eliminates clutter by replacing multiple chargers with a single unit. With this charger, you can confidently power your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more, all while keeping your workspace neat and organized.

So, why settle for average charging solutions? Upgrade your power game with the Satechi 4-port 165W USB-C charger.

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Price: $199.99 at Satechi