This universal charging cable works on all devices, including the new iPhone 15.

This universal charging cable works on all devices, including the new iPhone 15.

Unleash the Magic with the Raycon Magic 180 Cable Pro!

Are you tired of wrangling with multiple cables for different devices? Frustrated with untangling wires when you just want a hassle-free charging experience? Look no further, because Raycon has come to the rescue with their Magic 180 Cable Pro!

Magic 180 Cable Pro

Cables, cables, cables. They seem to multiply like rabbits, filling drawers and cluttering our lives. But fear not! The Magic 180 Cable Pro aims to simplify your cable collection and enhance your charging experience. Raycon, renowned for their low-cost, high-quality earbuds, has applied their expertise to create this charging cable with a twist.

So, what makes the Magic 180 Cable Pro so magical? Let’s dive in and explore its remarkable features. This 6.6-foot cable is built to withstand the test of time, thanks to its super-tough, abrasion-resistant silicone cord. One end is equipped with a USB-C connector, while the other end boasts a swiveling magnetic connector. And here’s the best part: you can attach different tips to the magnetic connector.

High-Quality Connectors

With the Magic 180 Cable Pro, you’ll receive three handy tips to cover all your charging needs. The USB-C, Lightning, and micro USB tips ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices. Worried about finding the right adapter for your specific combination? Fear no more! Raycon includes a USB-C to USB-C converter, making this cable suitable for almost any device.

Apart from the practicality of interchangeable tips, magnetic connectors add an extra layer of convenience. Not only can you easily swap ends, but the magnetic connector also acts as a safety breakaway. Say goodbye to the dreaded moments of tripping over a cable and risking laptop or smartphone devastation. Thanks to neodymium magnets, the cable will detach before dragging your precious gadgets to the ground. Trust me, magnetic breakaways have saved many clumsy individuals from expensive repair bills.

“But wait,” you might say, “don’t magnetic connectors break away unexpectedly?” Ah, I’m glad you asked. That’s where the swivel feature comes into play. The Magic 180 Cable Pro’s swiveling function allows the connector to rotate a full 180 degrees without straining the cable or causing the breakaway feature to activate. Initial doubts about the swivel quickly dissipate when you feel how smoothly it operates. And it doesn’t just offer flexibility; its power capacity is impressive too, capable of delivering up to 100W, making it suitable for charging modern laptops.

The 180-degree Swivel

To add a touch of convenience, the swivel end of the cable features a green LED indicator, which lights up when it’s charging a device. And fear not, it’s only on one side of the cable, so you won’t be blinded by it. If you prefer to keep it discreet, simply flip the cable over to avoid the glare.

What about pricing, you ask? Brace yourself for some good news. The Magic 180 Cable Pro is priced at an incredibly reasonable $29.99. Considering its versatility and user-friendly features, it’s a steal! If you prefer a shorter cable, Raycon also offers the Magic 180 Cable, measuring 3.6 feet, with a braided sheath and without the USB-C to USB-C converter, for $10 less.

Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to seamless charging with the Raycon Magic 180 Cable Pro. Its blend of durability, versatility, and ingenious swivel design make it a must-have accessory for anyone seeking a hassle-free, all-in-one cable solution. Embrace the magic today!