Theme your Android keyboard for a better experience

Theme your Android keyboard for a better experience

How to Customize Your Android Keyboard Theme

Customized Android keyboard

Do you want to add a touch of personalization to your Android device? Look no further than your keyboard! Android, unlike iOS, offers a world of customizations waiting for you to explore. And one of the smaller, yet delightful, customizations you can undertake is for your keyboard. Out of the box, the keyboard on Android devices honors the system theme, which can be either dark or light. However, did you know that you can take it a step further and theme your keyboard well beyond that binary selection? It’s true! And the best part is that you can accomplish this task without even installing third-party software that might carry security risks.

Open the Android keyboard from any app

This customizable feature has been available on Android since Android 12 and is hiding in plain sight. Plus, you can even create your own keyboard themes using photos. So, let’s dive in and find out how easy it is to theme your Android keyboard.

How to Change the Android Keyboard Theme

Before we get started, ensure that you have an Android device running at least version 12 of the operating system. Keep in mind that this method only works with the built-in Gboard keyboard, which is highly recommended for security reasons.

  1. Open the keyboard: Unlock your device and open any app that uses the keyboard. For demonstration purposes, let’s use the Android Messages app. Open Messages and either reply to a current message or create a new one to bring up the keyboard.
Tap the theme tool icon on the keyboard
  1. Access the theme tool: Once the keyboard is open, you’ll notice a small icon resembling a painter’s palette. Tap on this icon to open the keyboard-theming tool.

  2. Choose a theme: Within the keyboard-theming tool, you have several options to choose from: pre-configured themes, solid colors, or gradients. At the top of the tool, you’ll even find a “+” symbol. Tapping on it allows you to select any photo you’ve saved on your device, such as from the camera, screenshots, or downloads, to create a truly unique theme.

Select a built-in or custom theme for your keyboard
  1. Customize your theme: If you decide to go with a custom theme, you have the flexibility to select the portion of the image to use and adjust the brightness to your liking. This allows you to create a space-themed keyboard or any other personalized design you desire.
Create the perfect customized theme
  1. Apply the theme: Before applying the theme, you can also disable key borders if you prefer a more immersive background image. Once you’ve perfected your theme, tap on “Apply” and voila! Your newly themed keyboard is ready to be used and will appear every time you open the keyboard.
Enjoy your personalized Android keyboard

Congratulations! You’ve successfully further personalized your Android experience by customizing your keyboard theme. Now you can enjoy the spiffy new keyboard that reflects your unique style while typing away.

While this may be a small customization, it’s these little touches that make your Android device feel truly yours. So, have fun exploring the world of Android customizations and make your device stand out from the crowd!