The updated Microsoft Teams app is now available.

The updated Microsoft Teams app is now available.

Microsoft Teams

If your company uses Microsoft Teams as its communication platform, then you know how integral it is to everyday interactions, from calls and messages to calendars and more. Well, get ready for an even better experience because Microsoft has developed a new and improved Teams app that will optimize your workplace collaborations.

First announced in March, the new Teams app promised to be faster, boast an upgraded user interface, have AI enhancements, and be an overall upgrade from the Classic Teams. Now, after months of anticipation, Microsoft has finally released the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac, moving it out of public preview.

So, what can you expect from this new and improved Teams app? Firstly, it takes up to 50% less memory usage and disk space by making Edge WebView2 the new app host. This means the new Teams is not only faster but also more efficient than its predecessor. Mac users, in particular, will experience a significant performance boost, with quicker chat switching and faster scrolling.

But it’s not just about speed and efficiency. The new Teams app also offers a simplified and personalizable user interface. Now, users have more control over the UI and can get more done with fewer clicks. Some of the new UI features include “mark all as read” in chats or channels, better integration of keyboard shortcuts, support for color sensitivity, and light and dark themes that adjust to the mode on your operating system.

One exciting addition to the new Teams app is its multi-tenant organizations (MTO) capability. For organizations that have multiple tenants, such as after mergers and acquisitions, this feature ensures a more seamless experience when collaborating with coworkers in other MTO groups.

But perhaps the most exciting application of the new Teams app is its integration with Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft’s AI assistant. With Copilot in Teams, users will have the power of AI-generated summaries, action items, and decisions based on their Teams conversations. Additionally, Copilot can assist in video calls by summarizing key discussion points. This AI-powered feature is set to revolutionize productivity and streamline collaboration.

If you’re worried about the transition from Classic Teams to the new app, fear not. Microsoft has made it easy for existing users as they will automatically be upgraded to the new Teams in the coming months.

Overall, the new and improved Microsoft Teams app is set to elevate workplace collaborations to a whole new level. With its enhanced speed, customizable interface, MTO capability, and integration with AI experiences like Copilot, Teams is poised to become an indispensable tool for teams everywhere. So, get ready to boost productivity and efficiency with the new Teams app.