The new Pico Remote is perfect for Lutron’s needs.

The new Pico Remote is perfect for Lutron's needs.

Lutron’s Pico Paddle Remote: A Switch with Style and Simplicity

Lutron Pico Paddle Remote

Lutron, a leading smart lighting brand, has just released its latest addition to the Caseta line: the Pico Paddle Remote. This innovative remote comes with a unique feature that customers have been eagerly requesting – the look and functionality of a paddle switch. With its simplicity and versatility, the Pico Paddle Remote is set to become a popular choice among homeowners looking for smart lighting options.

The Pico Paddle Remote is a wireless switch that can be placed anywhere in your home and connected to other Lutron devices. This means that it can serve as an additional switch for controlling various smart lights and switches. Imagine having a smart switch for your patio lights while keeping the remote inside to control them from any location in your home. Alternatively, you can install it on the wall with a faceplate to mimic a standard paddle switch, all without the need for complicated wiring.

“Homeowners are loving the look of our new Diva smart controls and installers appreciate the simplicity of using Pico as a second switch without pulling wires,” said Matt Swatsky, vice president at Lutron. “So, we gave you both – a remote with the utility of Pico and the look of Diva smart.”

This is the fifth model of the Pico Smart Remote, with previous versions designed for dimmers, switches, fan control, and audio. These remotes are capable of controlling Sonos speakers without the need for a smartphone. However, the Pico Paddle Remote takes it a step further by incorporating the popular and aesthetically pleasing design of paddle switches.

One notable feature of the Pico Paddle Remote is the absence of buttons. Instead, users can use the paddle as an on/off switch to control up to 10 smart dimmers or switches. What sets it apart from previous versions is that when the switch is pressed to turn on a device, the dimmer will come on at the same light level it was set on before being turned off. Pressing the switch a second time will increase the light to full brightness if desired.

With a battery life of up to 10 years, thanks to the included CR2032 battery, the Pico Paddle Remote is designed for everyday use. It also features a spring-back mechanism that returns the switch to a neutral position after being pressed, ensuring that it does not stay in the on or off position.

Pico Paddle Remote LED light response

As someone who hadn’t yet experienced Lutron’s products, the Pico Paddle Remote has opened my eyes to the quality and convenience they offer. I have now found myself exploring other Caseta devices and considering where to install them in my home.

For my initial setup, I paired the Pico Paddle Remote with the Lutron Caseta Diva Dimmer. These two products are sold together as a package, and they provided the perfect solution for a hallway with only one switch. Before, I would have to walk back and forth to control the overhead lighting, risking tripping over toys in the process. With the Pico Paddle Remote and Caseta Diva Dimmer, I can conveniently adjust the brightness level while saving my feet from any unexpected obstacles.

To fully unlock the smart capabilities of Lutron devices, including voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, a Lutron smart hub is required. The Caseta products are also compatible with Ring and Sonos, providing seamless integration with other smart home systems. The smart hub not only manages a local network for your Caseta devices but also allows for remote control through a smartphone app and the addition of schedules and geofencing.

The response time of the Pico Paddle Remote has been impressive, and I have yet to encounter any issues. It has seamlessly integrated with the Caseta Diva Dimmer, meeting my expectations for convenience and performance. As a result, I cannot resist adding more Lutron switches to my shopping cart.

The Pico Paddle Remote is compatible with all Lutron smart home devices, such as the original Lutron Smart Dimmer, Claro smart switch, lamp dimmer, and outdoor smart plug. It is also compatible with RadioRA 3 and Homeworks connected lighting-control systems, providing users with flexibility and versatility in their smart home setups. With its combination of style and simplicity, the Pico Paddle Remote is set to become a must-have for those seeking quality smart lighting control.