The Amazon Fire Max 11 is the affordable tablet we’ve been waiting for.

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is the affordable tablet we've been waiting for.

The Amazon Fire Max 11: A Powerful and Sleek Tablet

Amazon Fire Max 11

We all know Amazon is the go-to for a cheap, reliable tablet… but the Amazon Fire Max 11 seems a little bit different. It’s the sleekest and largest Fire tablet available, and it packs some impressive specs behind the moderate price tag we’ve all come to expect.

Impressive Specs and Design

Amazon describes the Fire Max 11 as its “most powerful tablet yet.” And for the price ($229.99+), the specs on this tablet are solid. It’s sleek, with a large and colorful 11-inch display, less than half an inch thick, and weighs less than a pound. The tablet comes with an octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and either 64 or 128GB of storage space. Simply put, it’s fast and ideal for entertainment.

In addition to its impressive specifications, the Fire Max 11 is WiFi 6 compatible and features an 8 MP camera for flawless video calls or meetings. Amazon has truly “max”ed out this tablet.

Stellar Performance

Let’s delve into how the Amazon Fire Max 11 actually performed.

Battery Life

Setting up this tablet was a breeze. Following the prompts and logging in to Amazon was straightforward, and if you have a previous Fire tablet connected to your account, you can easily port data and apps to the new device.

One thing I noticed immediately was that the Fire Max 11 seemed to charge much faster than my older Fire tablets, and it also held the battery well. According to Amazon, it boasts a remarkable 14-hour battery life, making it perfect for long trips.

Productivity Bundle

I had the opportunity to try the full Productivity Bundle, which comes with a magnetic keyboard case and a battery-powered stylus, effectively transforming the tablet into a small laptop. Unlike previous models, the stylus attaches magnetically, eliminating the need for connecting or charging. Additionally, the stylus allows you to write directly in search bars or text fields, take handwritten notes, and draw using art apps. It adds a fun and interactive element to the tablet’s functionality.

Streaming and Gaming

For streaming, this tablet is exceptional. The picture quality is vivid, the audio is crisp, and it seamlessly connects with wireless earbuds. There are no lags or skips while streaming. Even though I’m not much of a gaming person, I tried a game called Fishdom, which was fast and responsive. The stylus worked perfectly for entering my name in the game, showcasing its versatility.

Reading and Browsing

For reading, the Fire Max 11 might be a bit large for comfortable use, especially if you prefer the Kindle or Libby apps. The default white setting on the large screen is quite bright, so utilizing dark mode is essential. However, for browsing, Amazon’s Silk browser performed exceptionally well on this tablet, even with multiple tabs open.

Limitations of the Amazon Appstore

The major downside to the Fire Max 11, like other Fire tablets, is its limitation with the Amazon Appstore. While it offers big-name streaming apps and games, it falls short in providing some essential Google apps, such as YouTube, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail. The Fire Max 11 will not be an ideal work device for individuals who rely heavily on the Google ecosystem.

The Verdict: Add to Cart?

All things considered, the Amazon Fire Max 11 is an excellent choice for those seeking a large and powerful tablet for entertainment and browsing, without breaking the bank. Compared to other 11-inch tablets on the market, such as the Galaxy Tab S8 and iPad Pro, the Fire Max 11 offers similar performance at a significantly lower price. During Prime Day, this tablet is available for $149.99 (35% off), making it an even more attractive option.

Additionally, if your work primarily revolves around the Microsoft ecosystem (Word, Office, Teams, etc.), the Fire Max 11 with the Productivity Bundle could serve as a viable substitute for a work laptop.

However, if you work with Google apps or rely on a broader range of applications not available in the Amazon Appstore, you might want to consider a non-Amazon tablet. Overall, the Amazon Fire Max 11 delivers on its promise of power, sleekness, and value, making it a compelling option in the tablet market.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Productivity Bundle
Handwritten Notes with the Stylus
Reading on the Fire Max 11