Texans vs. Ravens Livestream Watch NFL Week 1 Online Today

Texans vs. Ravens Livestream Watch NFL Week 1 Online Today

ExpressVPN and Paramount Plus: Making NFL Streaming A Breeze

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Are you ready for some football? Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are all set for the 2023 season with high expectations and a new target at receiver – the one and only Odell Beckham Jr. Meanwhile, the Houston Texans are ushering in a new era with their rookie quarterback, C.J. Stroud. Exciting stuff, right? But what if you can’t watch the game on your local CBS station? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Texans and the Ravens are scheduled to kick off in Baltimore at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) on CBS. However, in some cases, you might be blocked from streaming due to internet location glitches or simply because you want an extra layer of privacy. That’s where a virtual private network (VPN) comes in handy.

A VPN allows you to watch the game from anywhere in the US, even if it’s not available on your local CBS station. By virtually changing your location, a VPN can help you access the game and ensure a smooth streaming experience. Plus, it’s a great tool for maintaining your privacy, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

But with so many VPN options out there, which one should you choose? Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN. Not only is it reliable and safe, but it also works seamlessly on a variety of devices. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy a 49% discount and get three months of free access when you opt for an annual subscription, bringing the monthly cost down to a mere $6.67. Not bad for a service that opens up a world of streaming possibilities.

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Now that you have your VPN sorted, you’ll also need a live TV streaming service that carries your local CBS affiliate. The most affordable option is Paramount Plus’s $6 per month Essentials tier. With Paramount Plus, you can stream CBS’ Sunday games and even check if your area has live CBS streaming. It’s a cheap and convenient alternative for AFC fans on Sundays.

Of course, Paramount Plus is not your only streaming service option. Other live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, DirecTV Stream, and FuboTV also carry local CBS stations, along with other football broadcasting channels like Fox and ESPN. While they might cost more than Paramount Plus, they offer a wider range of live channels for your viewing pleasure.

If you happen to live in an area where the game is being broadcast, there’s another option that doesn’t involve any streaming or monthly fees – an over-the-air antenna. Simply connect an antenna to your TV and enjoy CBS without any hassles. Just make sure you have good reception for optimal viewing.

To make the most of your streaming experience, here are some quick tips to consider: – Experimentation might be needed since factors like your internet service provider, browser, video streaming provider, and VPN can affect your experience. – If your desired location isn’t available as a default option on ExpressVPN, try using the “search for city or country” feature. – If you encounter difficulty accessing the game even with your VPN correctly set to the right viewing area, you can try two things. First, check the address registered for your streaming service subscription account and make sure it matches the correct viewing area. Second, if you’re using a smart TV like Roku that doesn’t have an installed VPN app, install the VPN on your router or mobile hotspot for all devices connected to its Wi-Fi network to appear in the correct location. – It’s important to use a privacy-first browser like Brave to log into your streaming services, as some browsers can still reveal your location even with a VPN.

So, there you have it – the perfect combination of ExpressVPN and Paramount Plus to make your NFL streaming experience a breeze. With ExpressVPN’s secure and reliable service, and Paramount Plus’s affordable option to access CBS Sunday games, you’ll never miss a touchdown again. Don’t forget to grab your snacks and get ready to cheer on your favorite teams. Happy streaming!

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Note: This article is intended as a guide for legal streaming methods and does not endorse or promote unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content. Always ensure you have a legitimate subscription to the streaming services you use.