Target Circle Rewards Don’t Miss Out on Free Money, Join Now!

Target Circle Rewards Don't Miss Out on Free Money, Join Now!

Save Money Shopping at Target with Target Circle

Shopping for supplies for a growing family can quickly become expensive. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Target’s loyalty program, Target Circle. Now, before I make any purchases at Target, I always check the app to see what offers and savings are available to me. It’s become an essential tool in my money-saving arsenal, and today I want to share with you all the benefits and secrets of Target Circle.

What is Target Circle?

Target Circle is Target’s loyalty program that allows shoppers to earn rewards and access exclusive offers. By signing up for Target Circle, you become eligible to earn 1% cashback on every purchase made at Target. Plus, you gain access to personalized offers and digital coupons that non-members don’t have access to.

The Benefits of Target Circle

Being a Target Circle member has its perks. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • 1% earnings on every purchase: You can earn 1% cash back on all your purchases at Target. If you have a Target RedCard, that goes up to an impressive 5% cash back.
  • Birthday gift: Target rewards you with a special birthday gift of 5% off your purchase. It’s a small gesture but a welcome one!
  • Digital coupons: As a Circle member, you’ll have access to a range of digital coupons for specific store categories. You might find 20% off baby clothes or 10% off beauty products, among other categories.
  • Personalized bonus offers: Target Circle provides personalized bonus offers tailored to your shopping habits. For example, you may receive a deal that allows you to earn a $10 reward in Target Circle earnings by making two qualifying purchases of $60 or more.

It’s important to note that offers and earnings in Target Circle have expiration dates, so make sure you use them before they expire. You can use up to 75 offers at once, so there’s plenty of room to stack up the savings.

Signing up for Target Circle

If you’re a regular shopper at Target, there’s no reason not to sign up for Target Circle. Signing up is easy, and it’s free! Visit and click on “Create account.” Provide your email address, name, and phone number, and create a password. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to all the benefits Target Circle has to offer.

How to Use Target Circle Rewards

When you have a Target Circle account, using it is simple. If you’re shopping in-store, just enter your phone number on the keypad at checkout, or scan your Target Circle barcode. This will ensure that your discounts and offers are applied to your purchase. If you forget to enter your phone number at checkout, you can enter the receipt numbers on the Target Circle dashboard or use the app to scan the barcode.

If you prefer online shopping, make sure you’re signed in to your Target Circle account before checking out. Your discounts will be applied automatically, and you’ll see the savings in your cart.

Redeeming Target Circle Earnings

After making purchases with Target Circle, you’ll earn 1% cash back that you can use on future trips to the store. There’s no minimum purchase amount required to redeem your earnings, and you can use them at any time on anything you’d like. To redeem your earnings in-store, head to the Wallet section in the Target app or online. Toggle the switch next to Target Circle earnings to see how much you have available. Select the box next to your earnings and click “Save.” It’s important to note that your earnings will expire if they aren’t redeemed within one year.

If you’re shopping online, you’ll be given the option at checkout to apply your earnings. It’s a great way to save even more on your online purchases.

Target Circle Partner Deals

Target has partnered with several companies to offer additional deals exclusively for Target Circle members. Here are some of the partner deals you can take advantage of:

  • Apple News free for three months
  • Tripadvisor Plus free for one year
  • MLS season pass free for one month
  • AppleTV Plus free for three months
  • Apple Arcade free for three months
  • Apple Fitness Plus free for four months
  • Apple Music free for three months
  • iCloud Plus free for three months
  • Earn Ultimate Rewards when you buy Ulta Beauty products

These partner deals add even more value to being a Target Circle member, giving you the opportunity to enjoy additional perks and savings across various platforms.

In conclusion, signing up for Target Circle is a smart move for anyone who regularly shops at Target. The program offers a range of benefits, including cash back on purchases, personalized offers, and exclusive discounts. So next time you head to Target, be sure to make the most of your shopping experience by joining Target Circle. Your wallet will thank you!