Summer sees surge in streaming viewership for top services.

Summer sees surge in streaming viewership for top services.

The Rise of Streaming: A Summer of Non-Stop Entertainment

Nielsen Report

Streaming has officially taken the lead, surpassing traditional TV platforms as the go-to source of entertainment. According to a report by Nielsen, streaming accounted for a staggering 38.7% of TV consumption in July, while broadcast TV and cable trailed behind with 20% and 29.6% viewership shares respectively. This surge in streaming popularity is not just a passing trend; it has consistently outpaced all other TV platforms by at least 6% in terms of viewership share.

Nielsen’s report also highlights the impact of streaming on different age groups. For kids aged 2 to 17, “non-traditional TV options accounted for 90% of their increased usage,” with streaming making up a remarkable 62% of that increase for children aged 2 to 11. It’s not just the younger generation embracing the streaming revolution; adults are also turning to services like Netflix, Tubi, and others to satisfy their entertainment needs.

The Summer Streaming Hits

So, what exactly are people watching this summer? YouTube claimed the top spot in both June and July, solidifying its position as the most popular streaming platform. Free streaming services such as Tubi and Roku have also gained significant traction. The top 10 most-streamed platforms in July, according to Nielsen, are as follows:

  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. Hulu
  4. Prime Video
  5. Disney Plus
  6. Max
  7. Tubi
  8. Peacock
  9. Roku Channel
  10. Paramount Plus

Nielsen Top Streaming Services Source: Nielsen

It’s interesting to note that these rankings fluctuated slightly between June and July, with Paramount Plus and Roku Channel exchanging positions. This highlights the ever-evolving landscape of streaming platforms as they compete for viewership.

The Boosting Factors

Multiple factors have contributed to the soaring popularity of streaming services, including the availability of new releases and captivating children’s programming. Shows like Prime Video’s “Jack Ryan,” Disney Plus’s “Bluey,” and Netflix’s “Suits” have played a significant role in driving viewership numbers to new heights. Nielsen’s report also reveals that three services, namely YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video, have reached an “all-time high” status in terms of viewership. Additionally, gaming consoles have their own category in the streaming world, further diversifying the content available to viewers.

Streaming services have become indispensable in today’s entertainment landscape. Whether you are looking for the latest blockbuster movie, binge-watching a thrilling series, or discovering hidden gems, there is always something to enjoy on the wide array of streaming platforms available.

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