Starfield Xbox Game Pass, Mods and More

Starfield Xbox Game Pass, Mods and More

Starfield: A Humorous and Epic Space Adventure


After much anticipation, Bethesda Game Studios has finally released Starfield, a first-person space RPG, on both PC and Xbox Series consoles. Filled to the brim with exciting gameplay and endless possibilities, this game is already being hailed as one of Bethesda’s biggest and a strong contender for the Game of the Year in 2023. To add to the excitement, Starfield is also available on Xbox Game Pass, starting today.

When and Where Can You Play Starfield?

Starfield officially launched on September 6th for Xbox Series consoles and PC. However, lucky individuals who preordered the Premium or Constellation Edition got early access to the game through a preorder bonus. So, they were already exploring the vast universe of Starfield ahead of time.

The Cost of the Space Adventure

The Standard Edition of Starfield comes with a price tag of $70. But if you want to experience the game with some additional perks, you can opt for the Premium Edition, priced at $100. This edition includes the Constellation Skin Pack, access to the Starfield Digital Artbook, the original soundtrack, and the highly anticipated Shattered Space story expansion, which will be available after the game’s release. For the true Starfield enthusiasts, there is the Constellation Edition, priced at $250, that comes with a unique Starfield Chronomark watch and watch case.

Xbox Game Pass: A Gateway to Starfield

Exciting news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers! Starfield is available on both Xbox Game Pass consoles and PC. With the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, you can seamlessly switch between Xbox and PC without having to purchase the game twice. Xbox Game Pass offers different subscription tiers, with a PC-only subscription at $10 per month and an Xbox-only subscription at $11. For access to both PC and Xbox games, as well as cloud gaming, you can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $17 per month.

Starfield on Multiple Platforms

Starfield is not limited to a single platform. It is available for Xbox Series X and S consoles, as well as on PC via Steam and the Windows Store. So, no matter your preferred gaming platform, you can embark on this thrilling space adventure.

A Universe to Explore

Set in the year 2330, Starfield takes players on an interstellar journey enabled by revolutionary gravity engines. You assume the role of a miner with a mundane job of gathering materials on a moon. However, things take a turn when you stumble upon an artifact that grants you a vision. It becomes clear that your character is destined for something greater. From there, the game opens up to over 1,000 planets waiting to be explored, each with its own unique surprises and challenges.

Length of Gameplay

Starfield offers a captivating main story that takes approximately 17 hours to complete, according to However, as the game gains popularity, speedrunners are already completing it in under three hours. So, expect the record times to decrease as more players immerse themselves in the game.

Customization and Accessories

To enhance your gaming experience, Microsoft has released Starfield Limited Edition accessories. The Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless controller is priced at $80, while the Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Headset can be yours for $124. Console wraps with a Starfield theme are available for preorder at $45, giving your Xbox Series X a fresh new look. Additionally, the Bethesda store offers a range of Starfield merchandise, including mugs, shirts, and even skateboards, for the die-hard fans.

Modding Possibilities

For PC players, Bethesda has confirmed that Starfield will support mods. Mods are game modifications created by players that enhance graphics, change the inventory system, or even bypass certain mini-games like lockpicking. While modders have already been hard at work creating their own mods for Starfield, official support from Bethesda is expected to arrive early next year.

Starfield has arrived, offering an exhilarating space adventure filled with stunning visuals, captivating gameplay, and a universe waiting to be explored. With its availability on multiple platforms and the added convenience of Xbox Game Pass, more players than ever before can experience the vastness of this epic game. So, don your spacesuit, board your spacecraft, and prepare for an adventure of cosmic proportions in Starfield.